Meet Taylen Biggs: The 8 Year Old Fashionista Dubbed "Mini Wintour"

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You may have seen this stylish little princess on the red carpet a few days ago interviewing actress and model Karrueche. You also may have seen her at the launch of Boohoo and Kourtney Kardashian’s new collaboration in celebration of fashion month. Or perhaps you have come across some of her other viral videos and Instagram posts showcasing her already amazing sense of fashion and wondered the same thing we did. Who is this kid, and why does she dress better than what we ever have in our entire adult lives? Her name is Taylen Biggs, and she is a style star, fashion critic, and runway model all at the tender age of nine.

Meet Taylen Biggs

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Hailing from South Florida, Ms. Taylen is already being called the “Mini Wintour,” and for very good reason. Her creative fashion and lifestyle posts and travel check-in have already earned this young fashionista 354,000 followers on Instagram.

Taylen is also the very first model to be scouted and picked up through social media for the Kardashian’s kid clothing line, another first in her already impressive resume. 

She has also created her own lane where fashion has no age, exemplified through her journey of building a fashion empire. And as for that incredible resume we mentioned earlier, that includes: brands like Boohoo, Betsy Johnson, Jeremy Scott, Sheri Hill, Disney, MTV, and more.

There’s plenty more to come from this rising sensation; stay tuned. 

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