Women's History Month Thrives With Scottie Beam, Monica Rose and More

As Women's History Month comes to a close, we look back at the power players

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As we wrap up Women’s History Month, we’d like to take a minute to recognize some of the amazing campaigns that took place over the past few weeks. One of those was an ambitious project from Foot Locker which featured the very talented Scottie Beam, Monica Rose, Jessica Wu, Jennifer Barthole, and my girl Vic Jacobi.

This month, it was the specific goal of Foot Locker to rewrite the rules for workplace attire as women are no longer confined to outdated dress norms that have dominated our societal clothing standards for decades. To challenge these outdated norms, Foot Locker partnered with Monica Rose to create custom looks for real-life female entrepreneurs and leaders.

Group Photo Foot Locker WHM 2022
Scottie Beam, Monica Rose, Jessica Wu, Jennifer Barthole, and Vic Jacobi. / Foot Locker

This initiative included a project where Rose helped style four modern-day working women at their flagship store in New York City to provide her expertise by curating looks for each woman including those who work in an office environment, work from home or freelance, are always on their feet or on the go, and are interviewing for the next step in their careers.

These looks were modeled by Beam, Wu, Barthole, and Jacobi for a stunning photoshoot, capturing each lady's personality and style effortlessly.

ONE37pm spoke with ​​Holly Tedesco, VP of Marketing at Foot Locker about this project, and more. You can check out the full interview below.

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Monica Rose / Foot Locker

ONE37pm: Thanks for chatting with us Holly. As we approach the end of Women’s History Month, you guys recently put together a campaign with celebrity stylist Monica Rose. Could you talk a little bit more about that?

Tedesco: Our Foot Locker Women’s team had the honor of working with Monica Rose, who created custom looks for our talented real-life young female entrepreneurs Scottie Beam, Jessica Wu, Jennifer Barthole, and Vic Jacobi. As the pandemic has shifted our traditional ideas of what “work attire” looks like and because we use personal style to express who we are through what we wear, we wanted to show how we can all rewrite the rules, no matter where we work.

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Scottie Beam / Foot Locker

Whether it’s an office environment, those who work from home or freelance, those who are always on their feet, or someone who is interviewing for the next step in their careers, we have a range of brands that are versatile, no matter what the day looks. It was inspiring for us to see Monica create unique looks for each woman that were not only professional but also trendy and focused on providing comfort and confidence to the wearer.

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Vic Jacobi / Foot Locker

ONE37pm: Now you guys also had Scottie Beam, Jessica Wu, Jennifer Barthole, and Vic Jacobi. What was it like working with them?

Tedesco: It was wonderful being able to work with such a dynamic and talented group of women –– they brought great energy to our set! Scottie, Jessica, Jennifer, and Vic really embody the values of Foot Locker Women’s and we knew that our consumers would feel the same. Each look that Monica Rose created really showcased each woman’s unique personal style and reflected their current fields as well.

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Jessica Wu / Foot Locker

ONE37pm:  Foot Locker also partnered with Bottomless Closet which included a $30,000 donation to be used for year-round meaningful resources and tools all aimed to further set women up for success in all stages of their careers. Could you expand more on that initiative?

Tedesco: We are honored to partner with Bottomless Closet - they are a fantastic organization. We love that beyond our donation, the Foot Locker Women's team members are able to connect on a personal level with workshops throughout the year on everything from interview skills to personal branding. It has been amazing to work with Bottomless Closet and its participants and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide support for them.

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Jenn Barthole / Foot Locker

ONE37pm: What do future Foot Locker initiatives for women look like?

Tedesco: We’re really looking at our women's business as a place to continue to grow and deepen our connection. From offering an incredible assortment of brands that speaks to her footwear and style needs to connecting to support her wellness and fitness goals, to being a place of inspiration, it’s really about translating what she wants into our experience.

This year we’ll feature more from our first-ever Women’s Creative Director – Melody Ehsani, continue to build our community through activations and events, and deliver product exclusives, like COZI, our very own Foot Locker Inc, Women’s brand.

Big things are in store for the future. Be sure to keep up with all things Foot Locker via their official website.

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