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So you're wondering what the best LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy sets of all-time are?! Let's get right in to it!

With the conclusion of the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy upon us, I thought it’d be fun to take a walk down memory lane and revisit every LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy set that’s been released to date!

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LEGO has given us a ton of sets based off of these intergalactic heroes, so to help set some rules, this list will only contain sets directly tied to the Guardians of the Galaxy films and sets that primarily center around Guardians characters. 

22. The Guardian’s Ship Polybag (30525)

The Guardians Ship Polybag 30525

This set was released during the Avengers: Infinity War wave, which if you were a Marvel fan at the time, you’ll recall how hyped that summer was. Personally, I was buying everything from LEGO and Marvel that I could at the time, and this polybag was no exception. It’s nothing to write home about, but definitely emblematic of a great summer to be a fan! 

21. The Milano Polybag (30449)

The Milano Polybag 30449

Similar to the last entry, this was a simple little build to whet your appetite for the bigger builds from Volume 2. While not particularly rare or valuable, this set was a little difficult to find in stores back in the day. 

20. Teen Groot Keychain Polybag (5005244)

Teen Groot Keychain Polybag 5005244

Keychains are often a point of conversation between completionist Lego collectors. Do you need every keychain on every variant packaging for a complete collection? That could be an entirely separate argument, but for brevity, I’m counting this one on the list since it came in a unique polybag packaging as opposed to the usual hangtag that keychains come on. This one is also unique in that it has an exclusive face print for Groot compared to the minifigure released in the Infinity War sets. 

19. Rocket Raccoon Polybag (5002145)

Rocket Raccoon Polybag 5002145

This polybag is often considered a grail amongst Lego customizers, not for its rarity, but rather for Rocket’s printed arms. These arms look great on most Iron Man armors as well as Star-Lord minifigures! It came with a sticker sheet, too, that could be used to upgrade your Milano set (which we’ll cover a little further down on this list.) 

18. Mighty Micros Star-Lord vs Nebula (76090)

Mighty Micros Star Lord vs Nebula 76090

Newer collectors may not remember the short-lived Mighty Micros theme, but the Guardians had one entry in the kid-geared line of mini cars. This one had a carbonized Star-Lord and Nebula facing off in their mini racers, and I particularly liked the inclusion of the printed cassette piece! 

17. Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters (76253)

Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters 76253

Released as the least expensive set in the Volume 3 wave, this $10 set packed a lot of punch. Including an exclusive Groot minifig and a new Star-Lord, this was a neat entry-level set that doesn’t leave a ton to talk about, but definitely had a lot of heart with the few pieces it has to offer. 

16. The Collector SDCC 2014 Exclusive Minifigure

The Collector SDCC 2014 Exclusive Minifigure

Released as an exclusive to lucky attendees at SDCC 2014, this minifig represents The Collector from the first Guardians film. This was limited to about 1,000 in circulation, making it one of the toughest to get minifigures in the entire Marvel theme. 

15. Baby Rocket’s Ship - Vol. 3 (76254)

Baby Rockets Ship Vol 3 76254

Another set from Volume 3, this was the sole set to include Rocket Raccoon - and it even included him twice! One version is the adult Rocket, while the other is a Baby Rocket, which is totally adorable and makes the set very memorable. Unfortunately, with just two minifigs (both representing the same character) there wasn’t a ton of story or play value attached to this set. 

14. Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar (76231)

Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar 76231

This was a creative way for LEGO to offer a “set” for the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special released on Disney+ in 2022. This gave a Guardians twist on the classic LEGO advent calendar, offering several neat builds and even a few exclusive minifigures. 

13. Guardians of the Galaxy BrickHeadz (41626, 41606 & 41607)

Guardians of the Galaxy BrickHeadz 41626 41606 41607

It’s hard to rank the BrickHeadz since they’re all relatively similar and open to subjectivity when it comes to favorites. Personally, I like the Rocket build the best, but since he comes with Groot in the same set, it’s easier just to put all four BrickHeadz on the same ranking! 

12. Ravager Attack - Vol. 2 (76079)

Ravager Attack Vol. 2 76079

This was a neat set that throws back to the “Southern Nights” scene from Volume 2, but unfortunately it wasn’t super accurate. It did include two exclusive minifigures in Taserface and Mantis, which definitely scored this set some points back in the day. 

11. Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird SDCC 2014 Exclusive

Rocket Raccoons Warbird SDCC 2014 Exclusive

Similar to The Collector mentioned before, this was an exclusive that some lucky SDCC attendees obtained at the 2014 convention. This was a neat miniaturized build of Rocket’s warbird, which also contained the same Rocket minifigure from the polybag earlier on this list (except without the tail, since he wouldn’t be able to fit in the cockpit with the tail on!) 

10. Thor’s Weapon Quest - Infinity War (76102)

Thors Weapon Quest Infinity War 76102

This is one of my favorite sets from the entire Infinity War wave in terms of nostalgia. It’s hard to believe that for $20, you got Teen Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Thor along with a small forge side build and the escape pod from the film. Keep this set in the back of your mind as we continue the list… 

9. Ayesha’s Revenge - Vol. 2 (76080)

Ayeshas Revenge Vol. 2 76080

Another entry from Volume 2, this was a neat set that included a scaled-down version of Yondu’s mining ship from the finale of the second Guardians film. The inclusion of the exclusive Ayesha and Yondu minifigs make this set a standout, however, it does sit a little ill with LEGO fans because it started a trend where the Guardians’ Lego sets neglect to include the main villain of the film (in this case, Kurt Russell’s Ego) 

8. I Am Groot - Infinity Saga (76217)

I Am Groot Infinity Saga 76217

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of this set, but I know a lot of LEGO collectors enjoy this set and I wanted to take that into consideration when compiling this list. This is a buildable figure of everyone’s favorite baby tree, and while it looks pretty good on a shelf, I find that the balance is a little off and doesn’t quite fit with the aesthetic I enjoy having on my LEGO shelves. It’s a nice set, just not my favorite of all-time. 

7. Starblaster Showdown - Vol. 1 (76019)

Starblaster Showdown Vol. 1 76019

The cheapest set from the first Guardians film, this was a neat set to get us interested in the Guardians sub-theme back in 2014. I remember getting this set and building it at the kitchen table of my parents’ house a week or two before leaving for college and enjoying the finished product a lot. As fate would have it, I started MiniSuperHeroesToday just a few months later… who could’ve ever known! 

6. Thanos: Ultimate Battle - Infinity War (76107)

Thanos Ultimate Battle Infinity War 76107

This set was a fan favorite from the Infinity War wave if for no other reason than the debut inclusion of the Thanos MCU-style big fig. The sets from this wave each included an Infinity Stone, which prompted collectors to get every set from the wave to complete Thanos’ gauntlet. The build itself was a massive orange spaceship that could be attached to the escape pod mentioned earlier in the list, making it one of the very few LEGO Marvel sets that is directly compatible with another set from the theme. This was definitely a cool feature, and something I wish LEGO would offer more often. 

5. Knowhere Escape Mission - Vol. 1 (76020)

Knowhere Escape Mission Vol. 1 76020

The most memorable element in this set is the buildable Groot figure, who by today’s standards is honestly a little odd. The set also included Rocket Raccoon in his orange jumpsuit as well as Nebula and a Sakaarian to battle against, and was definitely one of the better location-based sets ever offered from the Guardians theme. 

4. The New Guardians’ Ship - Vol. 3 (76255)

The New Guardians Ship Vol. 3 76255

The most expensive set from the Volume 3 wave was almost a perfect set! The unique blue and pink color scheme makes this one stand out, not to mention the massive amount of space it commands on collectors’ shelves. Pair that with the wide array of Guardians minifigs included and the exclusive Adam Warlock minifig, this makes for a great set to represent the closing chapter of the franchise. That said, a lot of fans (myself included) were disappointed that it did not include Gamora or the High Evolutionary, both of which are pivotal characters in the film and who were not included in any other set from the wave. 

3. The Milano vs Abilisk - Vol. 2 (76081)

The Milano vs Abilisk Vol. 2 76081

The opening of the Volume 2 film is among the most memorable of any Marvel film to me. Set to Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky,” having Baby Groot dance around while the team does what they do best is iconic, and this LEGO set throws back to that scene perfectly. The Milano included here is scared down compared to the next entry on this list, but it still delivered big time and made for a memorable set back in 2017. 

2. The Milano Spaceship Rescue - Vol. 1 (76021)

The Milano Spaceship Rescue Vol. 1 76021

I think this set is massively underappreciated in the LEGO Marvel theme, meaning it definitely deserves some love here. It included almost entirely exclusive minifigures, a huge build, and a detailed interior, all for just $75! To put it in context, can you imagine this set releasing exactly as it is shown here in the present day for $75? There’s absolutely no way, and that makes this set a massive win in my book. 

1. The Guardians’ Ship - Infinity Saga (76193)

The Guardians Ship Infinity Saga 76193

Building off of the last point, this set shows exactly what LEGO can do when given a larger budget and piece count to work with. This set’s price was double the last entry’s price, clocking in at $150, but it is hands-down the best Guardians of the Galaxy set to ever hit store shelves. It included almost every member of the post-Endgame team, had a detailed interior, great scaling, and it even included a stand to help display it flying above the other sets on your LEGO shelf. This one was an absolute masterpiece, and definitely one of the strongest LEGO Marvel sets ever!  

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