The Most Expensive Derek Jeter Cards of All-Time

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Wondering what the most expensive Derek Jeter cards of all-time are? Let's dive in to it!

Perhaps no modern baseball player is more beloved than Derek Jeter. Over the course of a 19-year career with the Yankees, Jeter posted a .310 career batting average and knocked 3,465 hits for the Bronx Bombers. In 2020, “The Captain” was rewarded with a trip to Cooperstown, capping off one of the greatest careers in MLB history.

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When it comes to the hobby, Jeter’s name is brought up with all the greats. He’s today’s Mantle, and we all remember trying to make acrobatic shortstop throws like him in Little League. Jeter himself has invested personally in the world of collectibles by starting Arena Club in late 2022. The group offers its own grading services and an alternative marketplace to buy and sell cards.

Today, we are highlighting the 10 biggest Derek Jeter card sales of all time.  To keep the list fresh, we are only allowing an individual card to appear once.  Let’s jump right in and show off the best of The Captain!

1. Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck SP Foil Rookie PSA 10 - $600,000

Derek Jeter 1993 SP Foil

Kicking off our list of the most expensive Derek Jeter cards is undoubtedly his holy grail, this 1993 SP Foil card which is nearly impossible to gem. The card itself is not rare; in fact, the print run is rumored to be well over 50,000. However, there have only been 21 PSA 10 graded copies in this card’s 30-year existence.

Around the time of Jeter’s Hall of Fame induction, this card traded for as high as $600,000. This number puts the card up there with other great Yankee items, such as the ‘52 Topps Mantle, ‘38 Goudey Dimaggio and ‘33 Goudey Babe Ruth. If you’ve grown up a fan of those navy pinstripes, we’re willing to wager that this one is on your bucket list.

2. Derek Jeter 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold /100 PSA 10 - $202,102

1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold Derek Jeter

The 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold is likely the second most coveted Derek Jeter card. This PSA 10 copy is a beautiful rendition of a card that is notoriously hard to grade, and it shines bright in any vault or collection. It last sold for just over $200,000 in 2019. With a BGS 9 copy selling for around half that price in 2022, this one still remains extremely sought after.

3. Derek Jeter 1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Auto PSA 10/Auto Auth - $61,200

1992 Little Sun High School Prospects Derek Jeter

The #3 spot features the 1992 Little Sun autograph, Derek Jeter’s first trading card. We have noticed the rise of alternative rookie cards in all major sports, and this is a prime example. Some may chase the ‘93 SP or ‘93 Topps Gold, but this card is much rarer. There were only 250 autographed copies produced, so to see one achieve PSA 10 status is remarkable. 

4. Derek Jeter 2005 Topps Chrome Gold Superfractor #1/1 PSA 10 - $48,480

2005 Topps Chrome Gold SuperFractor Derek Jeter

The Topps Chrome Superfractor may be the most coveted parallel in all of sports cards, so it’s no surprise to find one on this list. The card, which was produced during the 2005 season, features Jeter in the midst of turning a double play. The Captain would go on to accumulate a .309 batting average during the ‘05 season, leading New York to a 95-67 record.

This card sold most recently in August 2022, and it set a precedent for future Jeter Superfractor sales. He has several of these parallels across Topps Chrome, Finest and Bowman Chrome sets, so we will be on the lookout for any to hit the auction block.

5. Derek Jeter 1999 Metal Universe Gem Masters 1/1 “Caught on the Fly” PSA 9 - $43,200

1999 Metal Universe Gem Masters Derek Jeter

This is another #1/1 masterpiece, but it stems from Skybox Metal Universe instead of Topps Chrome. The cartoonish “Caught on the Fly” graphic is an extremely unique addition to the card and one that we don’t see on the modern baseball sets today. The card sold for $43,200 in April 2021, which was just a few months before The Captain’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

6. Derek Jeter 1998 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems /50 PSA 8 - $40,000

1998 Metal Universe Derek Jeter Precious Metal Gems

No card screams New York more than this one. We’ve spoken extensively about the Precious Metal Gems market in basketball cards, but they are still highly collectible in other major sports as well. Case in point: this card reached a whopping price of $40,000 during a private sale in 2021. It features an action shot of The Captain at shortstop, which is paired with a picturesque glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. They just don’t make them like these anymore.  

7. Derek Jeter 1996 Select Certified Mirror Blue PSA 10 - $37,200

1996 Select Certified Mirror Blue Derek Jeter

In addition to the Mirror Gold parallel at the #2 spot, this Mirror Blue is another white whale for Jeter collectors. While not serial numbered, it is speculated that this one is limited to just 45 copies, which makes it even more limited than the gold. In fact, a PSA 10 has not sold since early 2020, so we could envision this one being higher on the list in the years to come.

8. Derek Jeter 1998 EX-2001 Credentials #06/07 - $34,010

Derek Jeter 1998 EX 2001 Credentials

Here we have another fabled set from the late 90s, the EX-2001 Credentials. The acetate finish and bright neon colors were unheard of for cards when this set came out. It was fresh and innovative, becoming an immediate hit for sports card collectors.

This is the only raw card you will find on our list. Yet, this Credentials Now parallel is limited to just seven copies, so its rarity speaks for itself. With a sale price of over $34,000 in 2019, it would be interesting to see a graded copy go up for grabs in today’s market. We are sure that many high-end Jeter collectors are waiting for that moment to arrive.

9. Derek Jeter 1995 Topps Finest Refractor PSA 10 - $33,600

Derek Jeter 1995 Finest Refractor

Check out this stunning refractor parallel from 1995 Topps Finest. Early Finest designs have held up very well throughout the hobby’s history, and many modern sets draw inspiration from them. This gem showcasing young Jeter at bat is a Pop 1, and it last sold for $33,600

10. Derek Jeter 1996 Topps Chrome Refractor PSA 10 - $30,600

Derek Jeter 1996 Topps Chrome refractor

Lastly, we have a PSA 10 refractor of Jeter’s first Topps Chrome card. Much like the aforementioned Topps Finest, these late 90s chromes can easily lose their shine or develop a greenish tint. To see one in as impeccable shape as this copy is truly incredible.

The ‘96 season is also significant because it was Jeter’s first World Series victory; the Yanks were able to edge out the Atlanta Braves in six games.

Which one on our list of most expensive Derek Jeter cards is your favorite? Let us know @CardTalkPod on Instagram and Twitter! 

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