The 12 Most Expensive Tom Brady Cards of All Time

Here are the 12 most valuable cards ever sold of the GOAT

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After 23 unparalleled years of greatness, the NFL’s all-time greatest quarterback finally decided to hang up the cleats last year. Tom Brady led some of the most remarkable comebacks and playoff efforts in the history of professional sports. The sixth-round draft pick was never the fastest, strongest or biggest gunslinger in the game. He did have one uncoachable x-factor in his arsenal: the guy just won. The result? Some of the most expensive Tom Brady cards have become some of the most valuable sports cards around.

Brady has become one of the most recognizable names in sports, alongside greats—who also boast crazy card prices—like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Tiger Woods. TB12 also developed a massive fanbase during his tenure with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, bringing each of those franchises Super Bowl glory and winning an NFL record 5 Super Bowl MVP's in the process. 

Today, we are highlighting the best of Tom Brady’s trading card market with his 12 most expensive cards ever. To keep the list fresh, we are only allowing each card to appear once. Let’s jump right in and showcase the most collectible football player of all time.  

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12. Tom Brady 2000 Upper Deck SPx Spectrum Rookie /25 – $194,400

Tom Brady 2000 Upper Deck SPx Spectrum Rookie

Date Sold: 8/6/22 (via Goldin Auctions

• Grade: PSA 10 

Kicking this list off, we have a rookie of Brady that you just don’t see pop up very often. This copy from 2000 Upper Deck SPx is limited to just 25 on the print. There’s no telling how many of these got tossed or put in a shoebox back in 2000. Who would have known the impact this guy would have on the game decades later? 

11. Tom Brady 2014 Panini Flawless Emerald Patch Autograph /5 – $198,000


Date Sold: 8/18/22 (via PWCC

• Grade: BGS 9.5 

Panini Flawless is one of the better card sets ever designed, and this card shows why. It features a three-color logo patch from Brady’s jersey and a bold on-card signature. With TB12 now only signing in Fanatics exclusive products, it may be a while before we see an auto as stunning as this one. It sold for as high as $198,000 in 2022. 

10. Tom Brady 2000 Fleer Autographics Rookie Gold /50 – $210,000

Tom Brady 2000 Fleer Autographics Rookie Gold

• Date Sold: 9/19/21 (via PWCC

• Grade: PSA 10 

Here we have another numbered rookie autograph of the Michigan alum. This is the only Brady on the list that showcases him in his college uniform, and it’s paired with a bolded signature from the heralded Autographics set. While pro uniform cards typically hold a higher value, this is still an extremely rare card of Michigan’s most famous QB. 

9. Tom Brady 2014 Topps Chrome Superfractor 1/1 – $216,000

Tom Brady 2014 Topps Chrome Superfractor

Date Sold: 12/19/21 (via PWCC

• Grade: BGS 9.5 

The shine and allure of Topps Chrome and Bowman Chrome Superfractors will never get old in this hobby. This card sold at the peak of Brady’s market, so it may not be worth the same amount today. Regardless, this is a 1/1, so it’s always a card that the buyer gets to set their price. 

8. Tom Brady 2016 Panini Prizm Black Finite 1/1 – $240,000

Tom Brady 2016 Panini Prizm Black Finite

Date Sold: 2/20/22 (via PWCC

Grade: BGS 9.5 

Only a handful of TB12’s Black Finite Prizms have hit the market, with the highest sale being this 2016 copy. This was also the year of the Patriots’ notorious 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl LI, a game that gave Brady his fifth ring. We don’t know if that ties into the final sale price, but this is still his best card from that historic season. It last sold for $240,000 during a February 2022 PWCC Premier auction. 

7. Tom Brady 2012 Panini Prizm Gold /10 – $264,000

Tom Brady 2012 Panini Prizm Gold

Date Sold: 7/22/22 (via PWCC

Grade: BGS 9.5 

We cannot overstate the influence that the 2012 Panini Prizm set had on the hobby. For many (including myself), this set was an introduction into sports cards. The football and basketball products from 2012 are loaded with rookies, vets and HOFers, but this may be the best card of them all. Graded a BGS 9.5, this Gold Prizm has unparalleled eye appeal and grail potential for modern collectors. 

6. Tom Brady 2000 Bowman Gold #12/99 Rookie – $288,000

Tom Brady 2000 Bowman Gold

Date Sold: 12/18/21 (via Heritage Auctions

• Grade: BGS 9 

With the black bordering and gold foil of this numbered Bowman rookie, a BGS 9 is a remarkable grade. Not to mention that this is #12/99 in the print run, which matches Brady’s jersey. Jersey matches bring a nice boost to numbered cards in the hobby, oftentimes 2-3x the value. This is a one-of-a-kind rookie that sold in 2021 and hasn’t hit an auction house since. 

5. Tom Brady 2000 SP Authentic Rookie Autograph /1250 – $360,000

Tom Brady 2000 SP Authentic Rookie Auto

Date Sold: 10/23/21 (via PWCC

• Grade: PSA 10 / Auto 10 

While this autograph isn’t pack-issued, it still brought quite the premium at auction. In fact, TB12 doesn’t have a signature in the 2000 SP Authentic series; regardless, aftermarket autos have maintained a solid market throughout the hobby. This particular John Hancock features a 7x Super Bowl champ, so that helps too. Graded a PSA 10/10, you won’t find many better-looking Tom Brady cards. 

4. Tom Brady 2000 Fleer Showcase Masterpieces 1/1 Rookie – $396,000

Tom Brady 2000 Fleer Showcase Masterpieces

Date Sold: 5/20/22 (via PWCC

• Grade: BGS 8.5 

The GOAT doesn’t have many rookie 1/1s at all, so this Fleer Showcases Masterpieces is in a class of its own. The old-school Beckett label shows that this stunner has likely passed from Brady collector to Brady collector. Additionally, the silhouette and design of this one make it one of the GOAT’s more aesthetically pleasing cards. In May 2022, it found a new home during a PWCC Premier auction for just shy of $400,000. 

3. Tom Brady 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie Refractor – $498,000

Tom Brady 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie Refractor

• Date Sold: 10/22/22 (via Goldin Auctions

• Grade: PSA 10 

The New England quarterback didn’t appear in 2000 Topps or Topps Chrome, so this Bowman Chrome copy became the de facto flagship rookie card. In a PSA 10, this is only a POP 7, so you won’t find too many of these on the open market anytime soon. It last sold for just shy of half a million dollars in 2022. 

2. Tom Brady 2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Autograph - $2,800,000

Tom Brady 2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto

• Date Sold: 10/22/21 (via PWCC

Grade: PSA 10 / Auto 10 

The foiling, rarity and neglect of this card make this PSA 10/10 even more impressive. Just think about how many of these were tossed into dollar bins in 2000. While this gem doesn’t bring the premium it brought in 2021, it’s still a worthwhile card to own, and it’s a grail for just about any serious football collector. 

1. Tom Brady 2000 Playoff Contenders Rookie Championship Ticket Autograph /100 – $3,107,372

Tom Brady 2000 Playoff Contenders Championship TIcket Auto

• Date Sold: 6/4/21 (via Lelands Auctions

• Grade: BGS 9 / 10 Auto

And in the top spot, we head back to 2000, when the Michigan QB was selected in the 6th round of the NFL Draft. Since he was not a top pick, this championship ticket was certainly not a chaser at its release. Fast forward two decades, and this card in a BGS 9 grade sells at Lelands Auctions for $3.1 million, and then again (according to CardLadder) on February 17, 2022, privately for $3.8 million. Since we can't technically verify that sale, even though CardLadder is fantastic at vetting things before they go live on their site, we decided to use the one that sold via Lelands as Brady's top sale.

Cards like these make you want to check the attic at Mom and Dad’s house to see if you pulled one and forgot about it. With TB12’s legacy cemented, this 2000 Contenders Auto is the most iconic football card in existence.  

Which of these on this list of most expensive Tom Brady cards of all-time would you most like to own? Let us know on Twitter @cardtalkpod

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