The Most Expensive Golf Trading Cards of All-Time

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Are you wondering what the most expensive golf trading cards of all-time are? Let's get in to it!

Golf is one of the most storied sports in the entire world. With origins tracing back to the Middle Ages, golf has evolved from a Western European tradition to a worldwide competition. In the last century, golf has become a mainstay in American culture, and we are currently in the heart of major championship season.

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While the trading card hobby adheres mostly to mainstream sports, golf trading cards have still maintained a sizable market in recent years. All-time greats such as Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and more are heavily collected. As a result, we saw it fit to compile a list of the most expensive golf cards of all time.

For the purposes of this list, we are only allowing each individual card to appear once. Here are the top 10 most expensive golf trading cards ever sold!

1. Tiger Woods 2001 SP Authentic Stars Autograph Gold /100 PSA 10 – $336,000

2001 SP Authentic Authentic Stars Auto Gold

It’s no surprise to find Tiger Woods in the #1 spot here. The five-time Masters champion has revolutionized how we think about golf, and he ushered in an entire generation of fans with him. This card is undoubtedly Tiger’s best, as it boasts both an on-card signature and a print run of only 100. It has sold for as high as $336,000 during a Goldin auction in 2021.

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2. Tiger Woods 2001 SP Authentic Stars Autograph /900 PSA 10 – $105,780

Tiger Woods 2001 SP Authentic Stars Auto 900

This is the base version of the aforementioned gold copy, and it is numbered to 900. For any sports card collector, this is an undeniable grail. It features one of the greatest athletes to ever live at the height of his dominance. In turn, the 2001 SP Auto is up there with the Mantle and Jordan rookie in terms of iconic status.

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3. Bobby Jones 1932 U.S. Caramel PSA 9 – $105,000

Bobby Jones 1932 US Caramel
Heritage Auctions

Bobby Jones was a skilled golfer and an acclaimed lawyer in the early half of the 20th century. He was also instrumental in the design of Augusta National, the home of the Masters each year. The card shown above was a part of a 32-card set that featured legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. 27 of the 32 cards in the 1932 U.S. Caramel set are dedicated to baseball players, but icons like Jones and Jack Dempsey are featured as well.

This vibrant PSA 9 is one of three copies in existence, and there are no PSA 10s. It has sold for as high as $105,000 during a May 2021 Heritage auction. 

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4. Tiger Woods 2013 Upper Deck Employee Exclusive PMG Purple /125 PSA 10 – $66,000

Tiger Woods 2013 Purple UD Employee PMG

Since its inception, the Precious Metal Gems (PMG) insert has been a favorite of many modern collectors. While the football, basketball and baseball PMGs may be the most popular, this Tiger Woods purple parallel still fetches a pretty penny. This copy, limited to 125 copies, was only given to Upper Deck employees in 2013. In turn, it has become one of the most exclusive golf cards in existence. 

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5. Tiger Woods 1998 Champions of Golf Masters Collection PSA 10 – $64,316

1998 Champions Of Golf Masters Collection Tiger Woods

While the 2001 Upper Deck Tiger is typically recognized as a “true” rookie card, this irregular-shaped Champions of Sport car precedes the UD by three years. This copy is also one of two PSA 10s in existence whereas thousands of PSA 10s exist for the 2001 copy. Furthermore, it features an iconic shot of young Tiger in the patented Sunday red, so it’s no surprise why this one sold for nearly $65,000 in 2019.

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6. Tiger Woods Upper Deck Master Collection Patch Auto /25 BGS 8.5 – $42,000

Tiger Woods Upper Deck Master Collection Patch Auto

This card draws inspiration from the iconic 2003 Exquisite Basketball set, which has proved to be one of the most valuable in the Hobby. It showcases yet another iconic shot of the Tiger fist pump, as well as a bold signature and event-worn patch. These tribute patch autographs were limited to just 25 copies, and it sold for as high as $42,000 during a 2022 auction.

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7. Bobby Jones 1926 Lambert & Butler PSA 9 – $40,800

1926 Lambert Butler Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones’ first trading card is shown above. While it doesn’t command the value of the 1932 U.S. Caramel set, it still has significant historical appeal. For starters, this piece from the “Who’s Who in Sport?” set shows an actual picture of Jones instead of a portrait. It’s also much smaller in its printing, which is reminiscent of T205s and T206s from the era. It is the champion golfer’s second-most valuable card, selling for as high as $40,800 during a Goldin auction.

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8. Tiger Woods / Michael Jordan 2002 Upper Deck Superstars Legendary Leaders Dual-Patch Autograph BGS 9.5 – $39,600

2002 UD Superstars Legendary Michael Jordan Tiger  Woods

You will never go wrong with putting two GOATs on one card. Woods and Jordan are both Upper Deck athletes, and they’ve been featured on the same card multiple times. This was the earliest dual autograph, sporting a red polo patch from Tiger and some white mesh from MJ’s Wizards jersey. These are two of the fiercest competitors in the history of sports, and this stunner recently sold for $39,600 in a PWCC Premier auction.

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9. Tiger Woods / Michael Jordan 2014 SP Authentic Moments Dual Autograph BGS 9.5 - $33,600

2014 SP Authentic Moments Tiger Woods Michael Jordan

While this dual doesn’t possess any game-worn patches, it does feature the duo when they were paired together during a 2007 Pro-Am tournament. Jordan is also an avid golfer, but he was likely taking a few pointers from Tiger during this one. This BGS 9.5 copy sold for $33,600 during an April 2023 PWCC auction.

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10. Tiger Woods 2001 Upper Deck BGS 10 Black Label – $25,100

2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods

Sporting the Sunday red, this Tiger 2001 Upper Deck card is one of the most iconic in all of sports. It features an iconic shot of Woods walking in a putt at Augusta, and it is a card that just about all everyday collectors have. However, obtaining a BGS 10 black label is no easy task, and it brings immense value to a card. It sold for just north of $25,000 back in 2021.

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