Arpit “Paradox” Manaktala is a PC Building Guru

Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

Getting a pre-built PC is an easy task nowadays, especially with trustworthy companies such as Paradox Customs doing their damndest to fulfill that ongoing request. As the CEO and founder of that company, Arpit “Paradox” Manaktala oversees Paradox's constant dedication to providing the finest gaming PCs. Mr. Paradox himself took some time away from his busy schedule to have a chat about his impact on the PC gaming community, his superstar clientele, and more.

ONE37pm: Right. Facts. I was going to mention it, but you're not even into gaming, No, more like, I know you're doing gaming things for people, but it's like, those are athletes, those are musicians. Talk to me about that. 

Manaktala: COVID really helped them get into gaming. I'm a really good trainer and sort of like an educator. So when I sit down with these celebrities that don't know anything about gaming, I'm very patient and I'm very hands-on at a very good pace for them and they all appreciate that. And I think also, other CEOs in my same position would have probably been like "bro, I'm not doing this."

ONE37pm: That's also cool that your employees are people who help you. You're basically getting to experience that way of life, who would have thought?

Manaktala: I know all my employees live that startup lifestyle. If you worked for my company for literally just a month, the experience you get in the industry is like, unfair. I say that with pride because I know some of my employees that don't work for me anymore. I'm sure they're fucking killing it now in terms of their knowledge of how life actually works. Yeah, half of my employees, 75% of my employees probably don't have degrees. A lot of them I already know personally know they don't have degrees. I take pride in that bro because we're living a life that is a paradox. Paradox does not need a college degree.

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