OTF Gaming and Lil Durk Welcome You to "The Trenches"

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YouTube (OTF Gaming)

On September 4, 2022, the Grand Theft Auto V RP (roleplay) community got even livelier.

And that feeling of extra excitement is due to the global launch of OTF Gaming's very own GTA FiveM RP servers (Lite and Premium) for participants that were lucky enough to make it in from across North America, Brazil, India, and Europe. The name of this OTF Gaming-sponsored server is simply known as "The Trenches," which features familiar sights for those who hail from Los Angeles and Chicago. This new gaming initiative is not only a way for fans of Lil Durk to band together and game as a collective, but it's also a great way for up-and-coming artists and producers to get their music heard through The Trenches' custom radio broadcasting feature.

ONE37pm caught up with OTF Gaming's Zephyr, Crown, and Lil Durk himself to chat about their gaming-focused organization and everything there is to know about The Trenches.

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