Rick 'TheHadou' Thiher is EVO Personified

rick hadou mobile
Robert Paul

Even though the 2020 pandemic put a stop to in-person fighting game tournaments, the fighting game community (FGC) came together to compete online to keep things flowing. Two years later, the FGC has banded back together to put on the most hype-inducing matches across big tentpole events such as EVO, Combo Breaker, and CEO. Speaking of EVO, it was announced in 2021 that Combo Breaker's organizer Rick 'TheHadou' Thiher was given another major title as EVO's newest General Manager. And based on the amazing turnout, hype announcements, and amazing sets played between the best of the best at EVO 2022, it's evident that Rick's handiwork paid off in full. As we look towards EVO Japan 2023 and the next domestic installment of the world's biggest fighting game tourney, join us as we have a conversation with 'TheHadou" himself.

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