Ben Bowman aka "Professor Broman" Talks GCX'21 Charity Marathon and More

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Contrary to popular belief, gamers are some of the most generous people you could ever meet. 

Organizations such as The AbleGamers Charity, Extra Life, and Child’s Play continually make concerted efforts to fund positive causes tied to the gaming space. Among those charitable gaming initiatives is the annual Gaming Community Expo,  which brings the community together in order to donate money to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For this year’s event, the GCX will run its usual fan gathering in a virtual format (within a space station, by the way!) and put on The GCX Charity Marathon. 

That aforementioned event, which will be streaming live from 6/13 at 12 PM EST to 6/20 at 4 PM EST on, will feature a host of popular content creators and developers. If the names Dr. Lupo, BigCheeseKIT, and Digital Extremes excite you, then you should definitely pop in and join in on all the positivity being shared amongst the gaming community. During the marathon’s 24/7 livestream, those same personalities and more will donate their time within four-hour blocks. ONE37pm will be joining in on all the charitable fun and showcase some of its ongoing efforts within that same block of time!

Ben Bowman aka “Professor Broman,” who happens to be the Charity Director for the GCX Charity Marathon and Live Event & Chief Marketing Officer for Rare Drop, spoke with ONE37pm about a slew of topics regarding his company’s charitable efforts and so much more.

ONE37pm: How did you get involved in raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital?

Ben Bowman: We knew fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was the right call from the beginning. They represented a set of ideals that we, as content creators, also aspired to achieve. Their mission is unrelenting perfection in the face of what seems to be very difficult odds. Once we heard that their mission was to make sure that no child dies in the dawn of life and witnessed the lengths to which they go to make sure that mission is accomplished, we knew they were the right call. As a charity, they are inspirational, international, and intentional. They distribute their research everywhere in the world and they never send a bill to any family that walks through their doors.

ONE37pm: Why is it so important to show the world that #GamingDoesGood?

Ben Bowman: It is important to show the world that this new and upcoming form of media that is getting so much attention, creating so much celebrity, and truly transforming the way that people enjoy their free time can also be a place that does tremendous good. I’ve known this since I played my first game as a kid and believe it is so important to show the world that gamers are here to help make the world a better place.

ONE37pm: To date, what is the total impact the GCX Charity Marathon has had? How much has been raised to date? How does that dollar amount positively impact the kids and families of St. Jude?

Ben Bowman: To date, we’ve raised over $14 million dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This equates to keeping the hospital running for a full business week. And during that week, children are continuing their education, receiving life-saving treatment, and they are having housing provided for themselves and their family all at no cost to them!

ONE37pm: How would you, as the GCX Charity Director, like to see the marathon grow and evolve over time?

Ben Bowman: I think the future of the marathon will always be determined by how our space grows. I would love for us to continue to innovate and inspire people in the gaming space and, ultimately, I would love for the marathon and all GCX efforts combined to provide 10% of the operating revenue for St. Jude every year!

ONE37pm: Over the past five years, what are some of your favorite moments from the GCX Charity Marathon?

Ben Bowman: I think one of my favorite moments was when Faux, who is an Old School Runescape creator, deleted his 3,000-hour ironman save on his account and then talked about how important those 3,000 hours would be for a patient at St. Jude. That hit me incredibly hard and it does truly put perspective on how valuable time is.

ONE37pm: St. Jude Play Live, St. Jude’s Gaming Division, brings content creators from across the globe to visit their hospital in Memphis. Tell us about your experience with your visit and how it has impacted you to grow your charitable efforts year over year?

Ben Bowman: I’ve always enjoyed going to the Play Live Summit and learning more about the good work that they do at St. Jude. The team at St. Jude Play Live, lead by Zachary Whitten, has been instrumental in keeping us informed, inspired, and clued-in to the day workings at St. Jude so that we are always able to perfectly express where the donations are going and how they help the patients.

ONE37pm: What advice would you give to other streamers who are fundraising?

Ben Bowman: My best and only piece of advice for streamers that are fundraising is this: put on the absolute best show you can because that is your magic when it comes to fundraising. The better your show is, the more you’ll fundraise and the quality of your show is completely in your control.

Rare Drop partnered with GEN XP to build the Space Station and bring it to life. They’ll have a booth on the Space Station and we’re excited for our attendees to check them out. 

About GenXP:

GenXP is a subsidiary of TurboPlay Corporation, a pioneer in scalable, digital marketplace technologies. Based out of New Brunswick, Canada, GenXP leverages these technologies to generate custom virtual experiences for the new [not] normal, and beyond. With hard work and innovation, we push the boundaries of technological possibilities to shape new realities, creating engaging, social, experiential memories. Our virtual event platform and services empower our clients to engage their audiences, fans, colleagues, and customers in virtually limitless ways. Say hello @

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