Twitch Streamer Draynilla Talks Gaming And The Importance Of Being Yourself

Michael Caloca

Draynilla is a man of many talents and many names. Andre Joseph aka SoaR Dray aka ‘The Booty President’ is one of the most skilled and entertaining gamers in the esports and gaming community, and is the latest guest to join Aaron ‘Don’ Dukes in this latest episode of Inside The Screen. ‘Dray’ brought the laughs, fun, and epic gaming expertise in a 35-minute conversation with Don as he discussed his content journey, Twitch, and so much more that you won’t want to miss.

Don and Draynilla then went into a discussion about how his parents reacted when he told them that he wanted to quit his job to pursue a career in streaming, his passions outside of gaming, the importance of family, and his career growth over the last six months with Don asking him about his long-term vision. “Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I have always believed and envisioned myself to be one of the biggest content creators on Twitch. I’m a firm believer in my own content and my ability to get that position. At TwitchCon they always have these banners of the biggest streamers in Twitch, and I have also thought that I can get there. I want to take this global, and I want to be everywhere. Let’s say down the line I’m not streaming anymore, I still want to be in gaming, whether it’s being the manager of an up-and-coming streamer, or having an org.”

Don and Dray had an awesome convo that any avid gamer will not want to miss. You can follow Dray on Instagram and Twitter.

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