The 20 Best ‘Fortnite’ Skins

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It’s been a long, long time since the majority of a Fortnite lobby, or even a good portion, was rocking the default skin. Through their impactful battle pass system and item shop, Epic Games has made finding the perfect skin for you a big deal and to date, we’ve had reportedly over 1,500 skins to choose from at one point or another. As the game brings out another set of skins for Chapter 4, Season 3, we’ve decided to take a look back at the history of the game from 2018 until now and make a list of the 20 best Fortnite skins.

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1. Ariana Grande

Epic Games


Being one of the biggest pop stars on the planet has its perks and one of those perks is not only having a Fortnite skin, but one of the most sought-after ones out there. The skin premiered as part of a virtual concert experience in 2021 for the "Rift Event." The skin comes in various styles.

2. Batman Comic Book Outfit

Epic Games


Batman is one of the biggest, best, and coolest characters in any form of media of all time, so naturally this comic book version of Batman is one of the better Fortnite skins out there. It’s the classic grey suit for this one and while you can get a few different kinds of iterations of the "Dark Knight" here, it’s tough to beat this.

3. Black Knight

Epic Games


If you’re in a game and see someone rocking the Black Knight skin, you might be better off hiding in a bush. This skin was only available as part of the battle pass in the second season, making it one of the rarest skins in the game. Accounts that have the skin have been sold for a lot of money before.

4. Deadpool

Epic Games


Deadpool made his way into the game through some challenges of his own and what’s cool is that when you opened the item shop, there was a classic wall-break where he pushed the other items to the side to showcase his own.

5. Demogorgon

Epic Games

'Stranger Things'

Stranger Things and Fortnite offer a collaboration between two phenomena we rarely see nowadays. For a limited time, you could become either Hopper or this "Demogorgon," with this clearly being the superior of the two. You only need to hit a goofy emote and watch the face open up for this skin to be worth the V-Bucks.

6. Galaxy

Epic Games


This skin is held in such high regard partly because of its look, but also because of its rarity. It was available only for a period of time when you had to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4 to have access to it, making it somewhat of a unicorn amongst skins.

7. John Cena

Epic Games


John Cena is no stranger to being in video games through his WWE tenure, but seeing Cena in a Fortnite game was still a little trippy. He came along with his classic "you can’t see me" taunt as an emote with his classic entrance music playing.

8. John Wick

Epic Games

'John Wick'

Not to be confused with "The Reaper," for a while, coming up against a John Wick skin was one of the scarier things you could do in Fortnite. Interestingly, this skin was the first to be based on the likeness of a real person, which of course is a distant memory now. 

9. Lynx

Epic Games


The "Lynx" skin hasn’t been available for a long while now but is so beloved that you’ll still see it around fairly often. Its best look for us is the all-black version in its later stage.

10. Master Chief

Epic Games


The "Master Chief" skin is available in its OG green style and a matte black style which is a must-have for Halo fans. The latter colorway is a cool reference to the first two games’ anniversary covers and fans have been wanting different colors too, like red and blue from the classic Red vs. Blue series.

11. Meowscles

Epic Games


For all the cat lovers out there, "Meowscles" is one of the skins with the most lore. He has a son plus a little sister and players have even speculated that there’s a link with Lynx too. Meowscles is one of the Fortnite community’s favorite skins.

12. Michonne

Epic Games

'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead’s Michonne has to be one of the most badass characters in all of television. Using her katana to slice your opponents the way she did the "Walkers" for so many seasons probably gives her the edge over her fellow TWD skins, Rick and Daryl.

13. Mystica

Epic Games


This is easily one of the strangest but most eclectic designs of any Fortnite skin. Truthfully, any of its variants could have made the list, but we’ve gone for the all-white "Wintersong" version here.

14. Mystique

Epic Games


Mystique’s ability to shapeshift made for some incredible moments in both the X-Men movies and the original comics and some of that flavor getting brought to Fortnite was a really cool mechanic. After killing someone with Mystique, you were able to shapeshift into their skin for a small amount of time.

15. Naruto Uzumaki

Epic Games


This Naruto and Fortnite collab was rumored for a while when it came out and became one of the biggest collaborations Fortnite has done. A bunch of characters from the anime series were available, but naturally, the central protagonist is the best and most popular choice. The way the art style remains really makes it feel like somewhat of a multiversal collaboration.

16. Plague

Epic Games


Inspired by doctors from hundreds of years ago, the "Plague" skin was blacklisted from the game when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It wasn’t available from January 2020 to January 2023 and was last seen as early as this month. That little bit of history combined with the cool look earns it a spot as one of the best skins out there.

17. Renegade Raider

Epic Games


What makes the "Renegade Raider" one of the best Fortnite skins out there is that it hasn’t been available since before Christmas of 2017, which was Chapter 1: Season 1 before there was even a battle pass in-game. An updated version of it has been released, but this OG version hasn’t been available for five and a half years.

18. Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Epic Games


There are a whole bunch of Spider-Man skins available in Fortnite, but this newer Miles Morales version to celebrate Across the Spider-Verse takes the cake for us. Although, the way that the original Spider-Man skins affected the gameplay with their web-shooters makes them one of the best skins too.

19. Travis Scott

Epic Games


The Travis Scott and Fortnite concert crossover event was monumental. It hit the game in the second season of the second chapter and comes with the rage and head-banger emotes, which are both specific to real-life famous Travis moments. Unfortunately, if you don’t already have the skin, you’ll never get to buy it again.

20. Xenomorph

Epic Games


Anyone who’s seen any of the Alien films knows that a Xenomorph being able to wield a gun is a haunting thought, but that’s exactly what Fortnite brings to life here. The skin comes with a specific "Xeno Menace" emote where it screams like in the movies too.

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