The 12 Best Quest 2 Accessories

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Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of virtual technology! Now that you own a Meta Quest 2 VR headset, you'll get sucked into a variety of digital worlds where your real-world movements will impact anything and everything around you in such vast 3D spaces. Plus you'll become enraptured by all the real-world applications you can take advantage of when it comes to reading your morning news, searching for recipes, chatting with friends, or just catching up on your YouTube videos. The best way to take full advantage of the VR technology you no wield is by filling up your headset loadout with all manner of essential accessories. So let's get right into it by detailing the 12 best Quest 2 accessories that will amplify the good times you'll spend with your trusty headset and its many VR gaming experiences.

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Best Head Straps

1. Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery

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First up on our list of the best Quest 2 accessories, allow us to make you aware of an official Meta product that does two things - it provides extra comfort over the standard head strap that comes packaged with the Meta Quest 2 headset and it comes with a battery that adds plenty more life to the headset itself. When it comes to the head strap, the comfort brace attached to this product's head strap actually does a great job of cradling your head and taking a bunch of pressure off of your neck. With that extra sense of relief, you'll definitely have more incentive to keep the Meta Quest 2 on and play for much longer. The Quest 2 Elite Strap with Battery is pretty much essential if you own this best-in-class VR headset. Side note - you can buy a version of this head strap without the battery, by the way.

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2. KIWI design Headphone Head Strap

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Now if you want to procure a third-party option when it comes to owning a Meta Quest 2 head strap, then it's worth owning the KIWI design Headphone Head Strap. Not only is this head strap option actually cheaper than the aforementioned pick on this list of the best Quest 2 accessories, but it offers the same high level of comfort as that first-party Meta Quest 2 headset. Plus it comes with some essential face pads on the front of the head strap that allows for maximum comfort during longer play sessions. It's worth noting that you can get the KIWI design Headphone Head Strap with either an attached battery pack or a set of built-in headphones.

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Best Protective Cover

3. KIWI design Silicone VR Shell Protective Cover

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Here's another KIWI-licensed Meta Quest 2 product worth owning! The KIWI design Silicone VR Shell Protective Cover is worthwhile since it is outfitted with premium and lightweight silicone that's easy to wipe down with wet wipes, shock absorbent, and scratch resistant. You can even keep this protective cover on while you're playing that'll keep your headset from being damaged if you mistakenly bop it with your controllers. Another great aspect of this protective cover is its double ventilation design, which features holes that prevent overheating and a 2.5mm inner bump that gifts you with proper air circulation.

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Best Charging Docks

4. Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2

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Here's another officially licensed Meta product! This time, we have a pretty slick charging dock that lays out your Meta Quest 2 and its included controllers in a horizontal manner. The Anker Charging Dock for Oculus Quest 2 isn't too big, so you'll have plenty of prime real estate when you lay your headset in this charger atop your computer desk. The USB-C connectivity and fast charging time on this charging dock are pretty clutch, we must say!

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5. NexiGo Enhanced Charging Dock

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Now when it comes to the NexiGo Enhanced Charging Dock, what makes it stand out is its vertical display base that really turns your Meta Quest 2 and its controllers into the showpiece of your PC gaming setup. Another reason why we like this third-party option for Meta Quest 2 charging bases is that it actually lets you keep the Elite Strap attached to the headset while it's charging.

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Best Earbuds

6. Logitech G333 VR Earphones for Oculus Quest 2

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Logitech G

Logitech G got the blessing from Meta to create these official earbuds and the tech accessory company did a bang-up job in the process. Its hard work has resulted in the creation of the Logitech G333 VR Earphones, which come with custom lengths & straps for its cables that make wire management a breeze, dual dynamic drivers that bring booming bass & crisp audio to your VR experience, and silicone ear tips & aluminum housing that allows maximum comfort & a simple yet sleek design.

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7. Soundcore VR P10 Gaming Earbuds

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Getting fully immersed during your Meta Quest 2 gaming sessions is a must with the right pair of earbuds in your possession. One of the best options for that specific accessory is the Soundcore VR P10 Gaming Earbuds, which come with dual wireless connections that let you instantly take phone calls via Bluetooth while still playing whatever game you're deep into at the moment. You can also charge your Meta Quest 2 with these earbuds while you play via the USB-C dongle and you can get six hours of playtime with these earbuds on a single charge (up to 24 hours with the charging base fully juicing them up).

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Best Prescription Lenses/Facial Covers

8. VirtuClear VR Prescription Lenses for Oculus Quest 2

quest 2 lens inserts virtuclear

One of the bigger roadblocks for folks who want to try out a VR headset is the uncomfortable feeling that comes with using one while wearing glasses. The VirtuClear VR Prescription Lenses get rid of that issue altogether by giving you a set of high-quality custom-crafted prescription lenses that are easy to install and let you see everything as clearly as possible without having to keep your regular glasses on.

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9. VR Cover Facial Interface Bracket & Foam Replacement with Lens Protector Cover

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VR Cover

This VR Cover-produced Meta Quest 2 product not only feels amazing when it's attached to your face via your headset, but it's also a must-have thanks to its air vents that prevent a lot of the fogging that messes with your lens. The PU leather foams are easily adjustable and easy to clean. Plus you have to factor in the nose guard that blocks all out that hot air you exhale from entering the Meta Quest 2 itself.

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Best Carrying Case

10. BONDIR Carrying Case for Oculus / Meta Quest 2 / Meta Quest 3

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There will come that rare moment when you're trying to convince one of the homies of the massive potential of the Meta Quest 2 and why they should give VR a chance. You'll be compelled to haul it over to their house to allow them to give it a spin. The best way to transport your Meta Quest 2 as safely as possible is by housing it within BONDIR's quality carrying case. With three layers of protection in tow (which are premium fabric, a hard shell, and soft microfiber), water resistance, and the ability to house your Meta Quest 2 controllers & other accessories, this carrying case is reliable & pretty sleek looking.

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Best Grip Cover

11. AMVR Touch Controller Grip Cover

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Not only do you want to offer maximum protection to your headset, but you'll also want to keep your controllers just as safe. For this next selection on our list of the best Quest 2 accessories, we're going to introduce you to an item that keeps your controllers outfitted in highly durable shells. The AMVR Touch Controller Grip Covers feature a knuckle strap that helps the handle cover fit as snugly as possible on your controller, an adjustable elastic band for varying palm sizes, and the sort of texture that makes it anti-slip and capable of accruing any sweat.

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Best Link Cable

12. KIWI design Link Cable 10FT Compatible with Quest 3/2/1

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Having your everyday USB-C cable on you makes the act of hooking up your Quest 2 to your PC a simple task, of course. In the case of the KIWI design Link Cable, it has three main advantages over a standard USB-C cable worth mentioning here - it has great transfer speeds (up to 5 GB per second) that get rid of any potential technical errors & lag, the cable itself is 10ft long & comes in at a 90-degree angle that doesn't result in a weird link hookup to your headset, and it's capable of charging your Quest 2 while you're actively using it. As far as link cables go, this option is preferred among many when it comes to picking up the best Quest 2 accessories.

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