8 of the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards We Highly Recommend

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The sound of you furiously tapping all over your keyboard during an intense gaming session that's gone way past midnight probably drives the people living with you mad. All that infuriated typing going down while you send out salty messages to your disappointing teammates is also a nuisance (you know you're pissed when you decide to send someone an angry paragraph over the internet!). There have been a ton of advancements made in computer technology. And in the case of keyboards, silent mechanical switches and the sound-dampening contained foam inside keyboard cases have birthed a bunch of the very best quiet gaming keyboards. We're here to recommend eight verified picks that are specified by the keyboard switches each one contains and more.

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1. Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT


Keyboard Switches: Rubber Dome

What you'll get with the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is the ultimate package when you consider what the best quiet gaming keyboards are capable of. This wired keyboard has RGB backlighting, plus six dedicated macro keys as well as volume and media keys. And on top of all that, the rubber dome switches attached to this top pick are tied to a heavy tactile bump, which does a great job of keeping your typing and tapping as silent as possible. This keyboard's soft rubber detachable palm rest allows for maximum comfort while you game with as little noise as possible, too.

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2. SteelSeries Apex Pro


Keyboard Switches: OmniPoint Adjustable

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a USB-enabled keyboard that's extra durable and easy on the eyes. And that's due to its aluminum alloy case and RGB illumination features. The main reason why this quiet gaming keyboard is being mentioned here is due to its OmniPoint adjustable switches that can withstand any keystroke and doesn't make a whole lot of noise no matter how fast or hard your typing may be. The detachable magnetic wrist rest that comes with this recommended selection will keep you as comfortable as possible during every gaming session, by the way.

Buy Now, $173.99

3. Razer BlackWidow Elite

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Keyboard Switches: Yellow or Orange

The Razer BlackWidow Elite deserves a nod here on our lineup of the best quiet gaming keyboards thanks to its central Razer Yellow/Orange switch technology, which will introduce you to some of the most silent mechanical switches you'll ever come across. Besides that top-notch feature, this wired keyboard is also outfitted with a lower wrist pad, RBG lighting customization, media keys, and compatibility with RGB lighting software such as Razer Chroma and Philips Hue.

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4. FNATIC miniSTREAK Silent

71rtA6KxKwL. AC UF10001000 QL80

Keyboard Switches: Cherry MX Silent Red

The word "silent" is right there in the name of this next USB-powered pick, which makes it another valid option while you're in the market for the best quiet gaming keyboards. The Cherry MX Silent Red paves the way for this keyboard's industry-wide respected silent switches. And with that central feature comes even more quality characteristics, such as RGB backlighting, a thin yet highly sturdy build, and a "Competition Mode" enabled key that makes this gaming keyboard perfect for esports-minded gamers.

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5. Logitech G915

uk g915 wireless gallery topdown

Keyboard Switches: Low-Profile GL

It's time to show our appreciation for the Logitech G915, which is one of the best wireless and silent gaming keyboards on our list. This USB- and Bluetooth-enabled keyboard relies on linear switches to keep it as quiet as possible while you furiously type and tap away at it. On a single full charge, this keyboard can last up to 30 hours and can be fully recharged in three hours. Dedicated media controls, next-gen LIGHTSYNC-powered RGB lighting, and five programmable G keys make the Logitech G915 another worthy option to consider here.

Buy Now, $249.99

6. Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE


Keyboard Switches: Cherry MX Speed

For the second Corsair keyboard on our list of the best quiet gaming keyboards, it's time to acknowledge the K70 RAPIDFIRE. This USB-powered device comes with signature Cherry MX Speed switches, which do an efficient job of making your key presses produce little to no noise. Also, this keyboard's anti-ghosting software allows for almost zero latency when it comes to your fast key presses. And finally, the K70 RAPIDFIRE'S Corsair Utility Engine (CUE software) will treat you to the best in macro programming when it comes time to customize your gaming experience for various titles.

Buy Now, $139.99

7. Keychron Q2

61D 4Sp85qL. AC SL1500

Keyboard Switches: Gateron G Pro

The Keychron Q2 wired keyboard comes equipped with Gateron G Pro Red/Blue/Brown switches, which are considered to be among the most silent switches out there for mechanical keyboards. This fully customizable keyboard comes in some pretty appealing color waves, such as Carbon Black, Silver Grey, Navy Blue (which is our favorite, by the way!), and Shell White. The Keychron Q2's QMK and VIA support, programmable knob, and macOS and Windows compatibility make it easily adaptable to your custom gaming setups.

Buy Now, $209.99

8. ROCCAT Magma Membrane

YouTube (ROCCAT)

Keyboard Switches: Silent Membrane Keys

And for the final pick on our list of the best quiet gaming keyboard, we're going to give a well-deserved shout-out to the ROCCAT Magma Membrane. What we're presenting to you right now is a USB-enabled keyboard that's practically noise-free due to its silent membrane keys, which are top-of-the-line rubber dome keys that allow for extremely silent typing. This one's also powered by anti-ghosting technology, AIMO illumination that enables various lighting setups, RGB backlighting that can be activated across five keyboard zones, and a detachable palm rest.

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