The 30 Best ‘Roblox’ Horror Games

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Despite being one of the most popular game platforms for kids, Roblox doesn’t always keep it PG. In fact, there are a bunch of horror games on there that might have even the bravest of adults fearful. Playing horror games can be a niche hobby, but if you like that feeling of suspense and terror, we have the perfect list for you. Below is a list of the 30 best Roblox horror games you need to play.

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1. '3008'

1 1
  • Creator: uglyburger0
  • Date of Creation: January 2019

Many joke about going to Ikea and feeling like you’re lost in a labyrinth… but imagine if Ikea were really an endless place where you have to dodge the workers at night to try to survive? That’s the premise of 3008. After you experience a bunch of jump scares from this one back to back, you'll confidently regard it as one of the best Roblox horror games.

2. 'Alone In A Dark House'

2 1
  • Creator: umamidayo
  • Date of Creation: July 2014

The title of this game alone is enough to make some quiver. Being alone in a dark house is many people’s worst nightmare and this Roblox game brings that to life. You play as an investigator who must look into the history of the house and its family.

3. 'BEAR'

3 1
  • Creator: Cheedaman
  • Date of Creation: May 2019

BEAR is played online by multiple people. One of you controls a bear and your aim is to kill all of the other players. If you are caught by the bear, you’ll be met with one of the better jump scare screens you’ll have seen in a game.

4. 'Break In'

4 1
  • Creator: Cracky4
  • Date of Creation: September 2019

Break In is inspired by The Purge and is set in a world where crime is legal for a five-day stretch. Unfortunately for you, a bunch of murderous AI has you on their mind and you must defend yourself and survive.

5. 'Breaking Point'

5 1
  • Creator: Paradox
  • Date of Creation: February 2017

The main mode of this game is one where the game randomly assigns players to kill each other in rounds until there are just two players left. There’s also a mode where one player is the murderer and players must guess who.

6. 'Cheese Escape'

6 1
  • Creator: Spirow734
  • Date of Creation: October 2020

Just because the concept of this game is a little unorthodox, it doesn’t mean it can’t be genuinely terrifying. You’re running around a bunch of corridors made entirely of cheese with the aim of evading a rat that can jump out at you very quickly.

7. 'Dead Silence'

7 1
  • Creator: DoomX10
  • Date of Creation: January 2011

Dead Silence has been around for a long time now and has stayed in people’s rotations because of how genuinely scary it can be. You’re in a team of up to four to try to find keys to get out of a building while a murdered ventriloquist haunts you. Your increasing heart rate will be all the evidence you need of this title being one of the best Roblox horror games.

8. 'Escape The Darkness'

8 1
  • Creator: Bitware Games
  • Date of Creation: October 2020

One player acts as the killer while other players must complete objects in order to survive. Both the killer and the group of players trying to escape can activate perks that assist them in their goal.

9. 'Finders Keepers'

9 1
  • Creator: ojbaby
  • Date of Creation: July 2018

Similar to Alone In A Dark House, Finders Keepers is about investigating clues in a creepy house. Every time you find a clue that might help you, be prepared for the fear that’s about to overcome you.

10. 'Flee The Facility'

10 1
  • Creator: A.W. Apps
  • Date of Creation: July 2017

If you like Dead By Daylight, Friday The 13th: The Game, and those kinds of games, you’ll be able to appreciate Flee The Facility. The art style is a little lighter than most games on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less suspenseful.

11. 'Geisha'

11 1
  • Creator: BDStudios
  • Date of Creation: May 2021

Geisha uses the Japanese urban legend of "Teke-Teke," a schoolgirl who falls on train tracks and has her body cut in half. She haunts you here as you traverse your childhood home to uncover a mystery. If Japanese horror films such as Ring and Ju-On: The Grudge spooked you, then you'll most likely consider this pick as one of the best Roblox horror games.

12. 'Horror Elevator'

12 1
  • Creator: Perhapz
  • Date of Creation: August 2021

Horror Elevator sees you go from floor to floor and you must survive each of the monsters. There are also elements like loud noises and flashing lights to try to get you to jump.

13. 'Infectious Smile'

13 1
  • Creator: laughablehaha
  • Date of Creation: November 2020

Infectious Smile functions as a kind of zombies/infected game where the group of smilers has to try to get the group of other players on their side by the end of the game.

14. 'It Lurks'

14 1
  • Creator: ragingskull182
  • Date of Creation: November 2020

It Lurks turns the suspense level all the way up because the premise is that you’re alone at home before something breaks in. Maneuvering through the house trying to stay alive is a daunting experience that horror fans should jump at. The constant feeling of having someone mysterious stalk you makes this one of the best Roblox horror games worth mentioning on this list.

15. 'Judy'

15 1
  • Creator: Phantom Archive
  • Date of Creation: August 2021

Judy sees players explore an abandoned theme park, one of the more classic settings for horror. The great thing about this game is that there’s a plot to be followed involving Judy, a girl who has gone missing.

16. 'Kalampokiphobia'

16 1
  • Creator: BDStudios
  • Date of Creation: May 2021

Kalampokiphobia is the fear of corn and although the main enemy is lifelike massive corn and the game takes place in a cornfield, you won’t be laughing much as you try not to get lost and caught in the maze.

17. 'Nanny'

17 1
  • Creator: ECB Studios
  • Date of Creation: July 2021

As far as concepts for a game go, Nanny isn’t the weirdest on this list, but it’s up there. You and your teammates are babies who must avoid an evil babysitter. You can use a sonic scream to buy yourself time in tough scenarios too.

18. 'Piggy'

18 1
  • Creator: MiniToon
  • Date of Creation: January 2020

Piggy is yet another game where you and a bunch of other players must escape a common enemy, but what’s cool here is that the killer’s skin can change and between rounds, players can vote on maps.

19. 'Poppy Playtime'

19 1
  • Creator: PandaTM3
  • Date of Creation: November 2021

Poppy Playtime is most certainly influenced by Five Nights At Freddy’s a little bit because it’s set in a toy factory where you have to move around and avoid the toys. Your goal is to escape, but it’s easier said than done.

20. 'SCP: Roleplay'

20 1
  • Creator: SCP Roleplay Community
  • Date of Creation: May 2020

This is a unique entry on the list because SCP (which stands for Secure, Contain, and Protect) is essentially a type of roleplay community, a bit like what you see is popular on Grand Theft Auto V in recent years.

21. 'Specter'

  • Creator: Lithium Labs
  • Date of Creation: November 2020

Inspired by Phasmophobia, Specter is a game that sees you and a group of friends go to an area that is haunted by ghosts. You take with you a bunch of equipment to try to find evidence of this while also dodging jump scares.

22. 'Stop It, Slender!'

  • Creator: Kinnis97
  • Date of Creation: July 2010

This game’s name should give you a clue that it’s based around Slender Man. In fact, it’s essentially a different version of the same game. You must find notes while avoiding Slender Man, which is hard to do while your flashlight keeps turning off. Just by mentioning that terrifying Creepypasta legend, you already know Stop It, Slender! is most definitely one of the best Roblox horror games.

23. 'Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall'

  • Creator: Netflix
  • Date of Creation: October 2020

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, this Roblox horror game is a must-play. This is an official game by Netflix on Roblox and is inspired by the big battle in Starcourt Mall at the end of the third season. There are multiple game modes, too.

24. 'Survive The Killer!'

  • Creator: Slyce Entertainment
  • Date of Creation: January 2020

Like the aforementioned Flee The Facility and some other games on this list, Survive The Killer! is about getting away from a murderous killer manned by another player. The objective is simple but that doesn’t make doing either job easy.

25. 'The Black Shadow'

  • Creator: Tacca_BioX
  • Date of Creation: July 2021

The concept of this game is that you wake up in a house that was once inhabited by a family, but is now haunted by them. You’ll have to not only survive but try to make sense of what’s going on.

26. 'The Haunted Imperial Hotel'

  • Creator: bobulator
  • Date of Creation: October 2009

The Imperial Hotel was closed down due to multiple deaths caused by a collapse in the building. It’s now abandoned and you’re the unlucky one tasked with exploring it.

27. 'The Maze'

  • Creator: HyperSlica
  • Date of Creation: April 2017

The Maze features a classic horror concept – you’re trapped in a maze and must try to find your way out, but that job’s made even more difficult by creatures that want to keep you in and kill you.

28. 'The Mimic'

  • Creator: MUCDICH
  • Date of Creation: January 2021

The Mimic is one of the most unique games on this list. It’s based around multiple different stories, each one letting you control a different character. You can play this game either solo or with friends and the latter is generally recommended if you’re scared easily. Jump scares here are some of the most terrifying in any Roblox game.

29. 'The Mirror'

  • Creator: Egroce
  • Date of Creation: June 2019

The Mirror, like many games on this list, makes you complete objectives while trying not to get scared along the way. The cool spin here is that you do this while staring at a reflection of your character the entire time, which gets weirder as time passes.

30. 'The Rake'

  • Creator: RVVZ
  • Date of Creation: September 2018

The Rake is one of the scarier Roblox games around. The titular character tries to find you as you and other gamers traverse a pitch-black forest, trying to survive the night. The game was already popular, but since getting remastered, it’s gained even more fans.

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