The 25 Best 'Tekken' Characters, Ranked

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Tekken fever is at an all-time high right now! We got our very first look at legit gameplay for Tekken 8 during the 2022 Tokyo Game Show, which threw everyone into a frenzy. The Tekken: Bloodline Netflix animated series was shockingly good, plus Tekken 7 is still being played at a professional level within the FGC (Fighting Game Community). Bandai Namco's standout 3D fighter has managed to stay relevant for so long due to a number of factors, one of them being its amazing cast of characters. Tekken is a fighting game series that features murderous senior citizens, badass ninjas, massive fighting bears, and even mechanical pugilists. So right now, we're going to rank the 25 best Tekken characters of all time for all you diehard fans out there.

Best 'Tekken Characters

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Bandai Namco Entertainment

25. Ancient Ogre

24. Craig Marduk

23. Kunimitsu

22. Ling Xiaoyu

21. Sergei Dragunov

20. Armor King

19. Asuka Kazama

18. Lei Wulong

17. Steve Fox

16. Hwoarang

15. Raven

14. Bryan Fury

13. Eddy Gordo

12. Anna Williams

11. Nina Williams

10. Paul Phoenix

9. Feng Wei

8. Leroy Smith

7. Marshall Law

6. King

5. Yoshimitsu

4. Lee Chaolan

3. Jin Kazama

2. Heihachi Mishima

1. Kazuya Mishima

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