The 22 Best 'Tekken' Games, Ranked

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The mid to late 90s marked a true sense of evolution for the gaming medium. Console manufacturers and development studios alike began embracing the world of 3D by incorporating that new visual style into a wide swath of titles. For fighting games, that was certainly the case. Sega took a stab at making a 3D fighter for itself with Virtua Fighter, while Namco offered its own foray into the world of 3D brawlers with Tekken. And for the longest time now, "The King of the Iron Fist Tournament" has reigned supreme as the champion of the 3D fighting game sub-genre. For this list, we're going to rank every major release in the series and make out way up to the very best Tekken games ever made.

Best 'Tekken' Games

Namco Bandai Games

22. 'Tekken Arena'

Released in 2013

21. 'Tekken Resolute'

Released in 2010

20. 'Death by Degrees'

Released in 2005

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19. 'Tekken Card Challenge'

Released in 1999

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18. 'Galaga: TEKKEN Edition'

Released in 2015

17. 'Tekken Advance'

Released in 2002

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16. 'Tekken Card Tournament'

Released in 2013

15. 'Tekken' (Mobile)

Released in 2018

14. 'Tekken Revolution'

Released in 2013

13. 'Tekken'

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12. 'Tekken Hybrid'

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11. 'Tekken 3D Prime Edition'

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10. 'Tekken 4'

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9. 'Tekken 6'

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8. 'Street Fighter x Tekken'

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7. 'Tekken 2'

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6. 'Tekken Tag Tournament'

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5. 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2'

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4. 'Tekken 5'

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3. 'Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection'

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2. 'Tekken 7'

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1. 'Tekken 3'

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