You Need to Watch These 11 Twitch Streamers (February 2023)


If you've been keeping up with this signature series of ours for a while now, you might have noticed it's gone ghost since October 2022. And for that, we apologize. And to make it up to everyone that has been following our monthly recommendations for super talented and super personable Twitch streamers, we're here to revive that series for the new year. We missed January, yes. But we choose to be fashionably late sometimes, which is why we're pulling up to February to show some much-needed love to 11 dope Twitch personalities you need to watch.

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1. BlissKai

Gen.G Esports affiliate (and more importantly, trusted content creator!) BlissKai is masterful during her hype play sessions in Apex Legends. She also knows a thing or two about fighting tooth and nail to get to the top of the leaderboards in Overwatch 2 and Valorant. BlissKai doesn't just spend her every waking day and night getting dubs in first-person shooters, though - she's a hella variety streamer whose magnetic personality makes viewers stay with her for the long haul.

Watch BlissKai's Twitch Channel Here

3. PeachFPS

Reaching the top of the leaderboards for every game she competes in is where PeachFPS' true passion in gaming lies. With a controller in hand, she makes a habit out of playing out of her mind for her viewers across games such as Apex Legends, Overwatch 2, Valorant, and Destiny 2. You'll definitely learn a thing or two from her hardcore Apex Legends play, so you might wanna tune in just so you can step up your game a whole lot more in the process. Professor PeachFPS is HER!

Watch PeachFPS' Twitch Channel Here

4. JSmoothHD

When you see the name FaZe Clan, you associate it with top-tier professional gamers and accomplished content creators. When it comes to the latter, one of the first names that comes to mind is JSmothHD. His multiplayer gaming prowess shines through in titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Grand Theft Auto V RP (roleplay) sessions. When he's not gaming, he's reacting to hilarious trending videos, grubbing on some delectable delicacies, and hopping on the basketball court to stunt on the competition.

Watch JSmoothHD's Twitch Channel Here

5. JoJoThaMoFo

Big shout out to the Cuban homie, JoJoThaMoFo! What we have here is a variety streamer that plays whatever's popping at the time in the single-player realm. His multiplayer gaming exploits also provide the same wild commentary you'll get from his single-player gaming exploits. You'll get the most enjoyment out of JoJoThaMoFo diving deep into a whole bunch of funny topics during his "Just Chatting" streams. Whenever "Commentator JoJo" is in the building, do yourself a favor and pay attention.

Watch JoJoThaMoFo's Twitch Channel Here

6. ahad

Now here's one of those streamers that damn near plays anything and everything! ahad stands out thanks to that fact - you can always catch him hopping into old-school joints and contemporary titles such as BioShock Infinite, Halo Infinite, Apex Legends, and even Super Mario 64. His association with Native Gaming has afforded him even more opportunities to elevate his brand, which is such a cool thing to see. ahad's nasty work that can be seen across Overwatch 2 and Valorant should clue you into why he's one of our favorites.

Watch ahad's Twitch Channel Here

7. Prodiscius

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the self-proclaimed "#1 unserious gamer" on the planet. The homie Prodiscius will most definitely appeal to viewers that get the most enjoyment from watching variety streamers. His multiplayer feats impress whenever he hops into the Valorant and Apex Legends arenas. The "variety streamer that offers lighthearted commentary" portion of Prodiscius's streams are hella entertaining as you'll watch him take a stab at whatever's trending. We're talkin' Elden Ring, Monster Hunter Rise, Forspoken, and even House Flipper!

Watch Prodiscius' Twitch Channel Here


NRG Esports is filled with some dope personalities that also happen to be amazing on the sticks. JOLLZTV is a part of that prominent esports organization as one of its coolest content creators. And everytime he blesses us his viewers with his live presence, he rewards their viewership with some lit gameplay in Valorant and Overwatch 2. Watching him clutch it out during those frustratingly hard Elden Ring boss fights is equally inspiring. Tap in with JOLLZTV and make sure you're familiar with his very apt character description: "Radiant Valorant turbo nerd, situational grass toucher, anime connoisseur."

Watch JOLLZTV's Twitch Channel Here

9. Ms_Jewel

ROCKET LEAGUE, ROCKET LEAGUE, AND ROCKET LEAGUE! Ms_Jewel practically lives by that game and we love watching her enthusiasm for the mega-popular vehicular soccer game. When she's not flying her car into the air to land a clutch goal play, the lively Ms_Jewel switches over to some other fun multiplayer hits such as Fall Guys and Overwatch 2. As a loyal member of epsorts organization Kansas City Pioneers, Ms_Jewel holds it down as one of its standout Rocket League masters.

Watch Ms_Jewel's Twitch Channel Here

10. KandidlyKayla

It's time to link up with the rest of the collective that vibes within "The Kave." And that ensemble of cool people's gets energized by the good vibes put forth by KandidlyKayla. On the game streaming front, she spends the majority of her time creating and just living out her digital life in The Sims 4. Plus she indulges in her digital farming duties in Stardew Valley. And besides gaming, her other obsessions revolve around Sailor Moon, books, and coloring on her iPad. So if you love all those things, you'll find another kindred spirit to vibe with here.

Watch KandidlyKayla's Twitch Channel Here

11. xEllesWorld

xEllesWorld always has one goal in mind whenever she goes live - she's here to make you all smile. That part of her job comes easy, of course. Her streams regularly provide her community with the fire gameplay folks always look forward to seeing from her in Apex Legends and Overwatch 2. xEllesWorld is also known for getting into her variety streamer bag as well, so you'll get plenty of fun streams revolving around trending single-player and multiplayer titles on a regular basis.

Watch xEllesWorld's Twitch Channel Here
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