11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (October 2022)

Loveleen Kaur / ONE37pm

The spirit of Halloween is fully intact for this month, of course! And since we're all in the mood for some more frights in video game form, we figured it'd be appropriate to showcase some streamers that love streaming those sorts of playable experiences. The 11 Twitch streamers you're about to meet get everything they need out of all the terrifying titles that get them and their viewers to freak out all at the same time. Be sure to give all these folks a few hours of your time so you can watch them play through the games that fit right in with the theme of Halloween horrors.

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1. TheSphereHunter

Watch TheSphereHunter's Twitch Channel Here

2. TiffanyLockheart

Watch TiffanyLockheart's Twitch Channel Here

3. KimmyDNC

Watch KimmyDNC's Twitch Channel Here

4. RetroBrando

Watch RetroBrando's Twitch Channel Here

5. Doctorbest85

Watch Doctorbest85's Twitch Channel Here

6. JoshSandwich

Watch JoshSandwich's Twitch Channel Here

7. MattDaRoc

Watch MattDaRoc's Twitch Channel Here

8. Orchlon

Watch Orchlon's Twitch Channel Here

9. Failmore

Watch Failmore's Twitch Channel Here

10. Crazygamingdayz

Watch Crazygamingdayz's Twitch Channel Here

11. Runebee

Watch Runebee's Twitch Channel Here
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