11 Twitch Streamers To Watch This Month (October 2022)

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The spirit of Halloween is fully intact for this month, of course! And since we're all in the mood for some more frights in video game form, we figured it'd be appropriate to showcase some streamers that love streaming those sorts of playable experiences. The 11 Twitch streamers you're about to meet get everything they need out of all the terrifying titles that get them and their viewers to freak out all at the same time. Be sure to give all these folks a few hours of your time so you can watch them play through the games that fit right in with the theme of Halloween horrors.

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1. TheSphereHunter

We recognize this living, breathing fountain of knowledge as one of the best Capcom-themed streamers/content creators. TheSphereHunter is engulfed by the world of that famous publisher/developer's long line of Resident Evil games, which she usually plays on the regular as she strives towards getting the best completion times. Besides her adventures throughout the world of survival horror, TheSphereHunter also dips her toes into the RPG genre as well. Be sure to give her a YouTube channel a look for some entertaining breakdowns of the RE series.

Watch TheSphereHunter's Twitch Channel Here

2. TiffanyLockheart

Here's another lady streamer that lives and breathes everything Capcom and Resident Evil. TiffanyLockheart is an official "Capcom Creator," after all. And she always has a blast playing through any and all games in the long-running zombie-filled franchise. Moments of hilarity regularly ensue whenever she goes live, so be prepared to catch a hilarious moment or two during her RE game sessions. TiffanyLockheart also delves into her fave MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online, so tap in with her if you're into some fantastical adventures too.

Watch TiffanyLockheart's Twitch Channel Here

3. KimmyDNC

KimmyDNC has made it a mission of hers to play through all the games she didn't get to experience as a kid. And so far, she's made a ton of progress by playing through a varied collection of retro classics such as Koudelka, Galerians, and Evil Dead: Hail to the King. She's also keen on challenging herself to complete any game she comes across within the RE series, so you can get a ton of entertainment playing those games with some fun PC modes attached to them during her playthroughs.

Watch KimmyDNC's Twitch Channel Here

4. RetroBrando

Shout out to all those super-talented gaming speedrunners out there that manage to pull off the impossible in front of us mere mortals. RetroBrando is one of those amazing individuals who also happen to be another one of those official Capcom Creators. Every now and then, he takes a swing at beating any and all RE games in as little time as possible with any completion percentage he can achieve. RetroBrando also does marathon run streams for games based on films such as Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters, so it's definitely worth watching him speed through those types of games as well.

Watch RetroBrando's Twitch Channel Here

5. Doctorbest85

Doctorbest85 enjoys his survival horror gaming when it's at its most difficult. And that's why we get such enjoyment out of watching him rise to the occasion when he challenges himself to complete the many games existing within the RE and Silent Hill franchises. He's pulled off some impressive speedrun feats in the likes of Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil Survivor, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and more. If you looking to watch someone play survival horror games at the highest level of difficulty possible and still breeze through them, check out our boy Doctorbest85.

Watch Doctorbest85's Twitch Channel Here

6. JoshSandwich

JoshSandwich falls into the category of a variety streamer as he is known for taking his viewers on a journey through retro picks from the past. Besides his journey through throwback games, he's most known for making his way through RE games as quickly as humanly possible. You also have to witness his amazing feat of beating the very first Silent Hill in record time. JoshSandwich works quickly and oh so efficiently whenever it's time to brave the very best of the survival horror genre.

Watch JoshSandwich's Twitch Channel Here

7. MattDaRoc

You can call him Matt. You can call him MDR. And you can call MattDaRoc. Whatever you refer to him as, just know this - the man is a beast cause he's always down to pull off some of the most jaw-dropping challenge runs in RE history. MattDaRoc has pulled off some magnificent completions that involve taking no damage, not saving whatsoever, and lofty God runs. It doesn't matter if they're old-school RE games or the ones belonging to the new generation - MattDaRoc can beat 'em all by not taking a single ounce of damage from those dammed bioweapons.

Watch MattDaRoc's Twitch Channel Here

8. Orchlon

"I speedrun some games and I fixate on them until I dominate." That Orchlon quotable speaks to his affinity for going extremely hard in the pain to nab the world records for completion times in a host of games. He's already shown off his speedrun mastery in games such as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 2 (Remake), and even the 16-bit Sega Genesis version of The Lion King. If you manage to catch him live, he'll be right back to his speedrunning antics in a RE game most of the time. Be sure to check out highlights of his speedruns in RE games while he's using a racing wheel of all things!

Watch Orchlon's Twitch Channel Here

9. Failmore

If Failmore deems a game as horror-inspired, then he's always excited to hop right into it for his loyal audience to watch. He's known for diving headfirst into each and every RE game imaginable, of course. But he's also played so more obscure survival horror picks - we're talking Into The Radius, Scorn, Tormented Souls, etc. If you're looking to catch some fun RE streams and also be treated to some lesser-known horror games, then be sure to lock in with Mr. Failmore.

Watch Failmore's Twitch Channel Here

10. Crazygamingdayz

Crazygamingdayz is one of those RE fans who damn near dedicates his every being to Capcom's survival horror smash hit. So much so that he uses his Twitch channel to speedrun any game in the series he chooses to hop into. As another proud member of the Capcom Creators program, Crazygamingdayz offers some dope charity streams to his community on behalf of the Japanese publisher/developer's streaming team. Shout out to this RE speedrunning king - we can't wait to see what world records he tries to break next.

Watch Crazygamingdayz's Twitch Channel Here

11. Runebee

Runebee takes a lot of joy out of getting scared to death. And it's fun watching her take a stab at completing the most recognizable survival horror games out there. Her streams see her braving the horror of games such as Dead Space 2, Until Dawn, and Resident Evil 5. Plus she's also keen on checking out action games and RPGs, which places her right in the camp of a variety streamer. Catch up with Runebee whenever you get a chance to watch her either try out survival horror romps or play through another game genre altogether.

Watch Runebee's Twitch Channel Here
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