Caleb Cousens of Adamas Sports Joins "Inside The Screen"


This edition of Inside The Screen with Aaron “Don” Dukes looks a little different than what we are used to from the gamer extraordinaire. Don is taking his guests gaming. Literally. This week, the host brings on Caleb Cousens, co-founder and CEO of Adamas Sports for a round of League of Legends. Founded in 2020, Adamas Sports is a service that provides esports athletes with knowledge, tools, inspiration and guidance, along with specialized training from experienced mentors in the esports and gaming community to ensure esports athletes are at their best physically and mentally. Cousens himself has decades of entrepreneurial experience in the gaming, sports, apparel, and tech industries, and joined Don for a spirited discussion as the two teamed up for League of Legends bragging rights.

Agreeing on the longevity and influence that esports athletes have, Don points out just how challenging gaming can be due to the many different elements happening at one time that gamers have to look out for. “That’s exactly right, and it’s why esports has such an important part to play in the broader industry of human performance. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have in regards to esports is that it isn’t physical.

Research actually shows that as high level esports athletes go through highly competitive matches, their bodies are undergoing the same level of stress as Olympic runners during a race. It’s a physical undertaking for sure. Yes people don’t have to jump as high or run as fast, but the human body’s reaction and what it can withstand in esports, is very similar to traditional sports. A lot of people don’t know about that!”

You definitely don’t want to miss the full interview with Don and Caleb. Be sure to check it out above, and follow both Don and Caleb on Instagram and Twitter.

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