Season Four of the HBCU Esports League is Here with Chad "Ochocinco" at the Helm

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You can't help but be equally surprised and proud of the fact that the HBCU Esports League, which has been acknowledged as the #1 culture & lifestyle gaming and entertainment show on Twitch, has been going strong for three seasons. Now in its fourth season, the stakes have been raised to an even higher degree now that the latest field of competitors has been established, the prize money has been announced, and the league's ambassador has been put in place. And who is that all-important ambassador, you ask? That's none other than six-time NFL Pro Bowler Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson.

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Cxmmunity Media Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Johnson is expectedly elated about the continued development of the HBCU Esports League. "This will be the best year of The League, yet," Ryan stated. "It truly is the number one culture & lifestyle show on Twitch. We have the largest collegiate esports prize pool, ever, and for us, just being able to provide this level of opportunity for our students is more than what we expected to be able to do in this short amount of time. I’m extremely proud of the team and what we’ve been able to accomplish. Our brand partners in Verizon have been with us since the beginning, Discover since season two, Hot Pockets and Nike House of Hoops will also be returning and together we’re here to make gaming accessible for everyone."

On the included games front, Chris Peay, Chief Marketing Officer for Cxmmunity Media provided an overview of which titles will be the main focus for this incoming season - "This year we’re focused on Madden, NBA 2K, Rocket League, Fortnite, and the newly released Mortal Kombat 1. We launched a partnership with Mountain Dew, and for the launch of Mortal Kombat 1, we’ll hold a tournament for the students in the league during the month of October with a prize pool worth half a million dollars ($500K)."

When asked about what the overall response has been like from HBCU educators in regard to Cxmmunity Media's ongoing HBCU Esports League efforts, Chris had this to say - "It’s slow and steady, and that is just how we like it. We introduced esports to the HBCU community back in 2020, so it’s still extremely new and everyone is slowly starting to be able to wrap their heads around it. As we continue to grow and provide equitable opportunities for students, we’re also ensuring that the programs we’re launching at the schools are growing with us.

"In just three seasons, we’ve provided more scholarship dollars to our students and schools than any other collegiate esports program out there. Not to mention job and internship opportunities. We’ve even had a student sign to a professional Madden team. The first time ever for any HBCU student. It’s undeniable, the opportunities that exist in the gaming industry and we’re stopping at nothing to ensure that the universities we serve are not left behind."

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