Navigating the World of Esports and Gaming With PepsiCo's Paul Mascali

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In the rapidly evolving world of esports and gaming, PepsiCo has cemented its position as a prominent player. With iconic brands like Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Rockstar Energy, PepsiCo has seamlessly integrated itself into this thriving community. Today, we explore the story of Paul Mascali, head of esports and gaming for PepsiCo, as he navigates the challenges and opportunities within this dynamic industry.

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Paul's journey into the world of esports began with a deep-rooted passion for gaming. From his early days playing Pokémon Yellow and Age of Mythology, to his current fascination with games like Apex Legends (he's a dedicated Bloodhound main!). Paul's love for gaming has clearly been a constant in his life. Little did he know that this passion would eventually lead him to his dream job at PepsiCo, where he could combine work with something he truly loved and cared about.

As the head of esports and gaming at PepsiCo, Paul's role involves steering the brand through the rapidly expanding world of esports. PepsiCo has a long-standing presence in the gaming industry, with established partnerships with renowned organizations like OpTic Gaming. By staying attuned to emerging trends, while still remaining authentic, PepsiCo has successfully carved a niche for itself within the gaming community.

One of PepsiCo's recent collaborations was with RDCworld, Cxmmunity, and Dream Con, where they launched the "Real Change Challenge" in conjunction with Mortal Kombat 1. This partnership exemplifies PepsiCo's foray into content creation, as RDCworld's influence and expertise in the gaming and content creation space align perfectly with PepsiCo's goals. By working closely with influencers and streamers, PepsiCo ensures that its brand remains relevant and resonates with its target audience in an authentic way.

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