Inside the Screen with VBI Caleb | Ep. 9

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Brandon Shamy / ONE37pm

On this week’s episode of Inside the Screen, Don speaks with the founder of Visuals by Impulse, Caleb Leigh. Visuals by Impulse is a design marketplace for all kinds of broadcasters, from gamers to Twitch comedians. Leigh spent a lot of time working at Fortune 500 companies in cybersecurity before he left to start his marketplace in 2015, which already has an immensely impressive roster of clients.

The whole conversation between Don and Caleb is super interesting for anyone entering broadcasting/streaming in 2020. VBI Caleb provides an often overlooked resource for creators: beautifully designed aesthetics. One of VBI’s biggest strengths is its commitment to its clients. Leigh discusses with Aaron how, especially during the pandemic, it’s been important to create a work/life balance for him and his employees. “You’ve gotta take some time at the end of the day to focus on number one,” he says. It’s an important lesson for all creators who are deeply passionate about their work; you still have to prioritize yourself and your well-being to do your best work.

They dive into Esports and gaming's future, emphasizing the growing anonymity in some streamers’ personas. Speaking of streamers like Corpse Husband, Leigh says: “We’re in this new age of faceless YouTubers, faceless gamers, and they’re killing it. And so, by having the creatives behind all this, this, in my opinion, is the next big thing.” Especially in an era where people don’t need to show themselves to be a persona, the design around them is paramount. 

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