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Interactive media, which is better referred to as video games, is one of the biggest moneymakers and most recognized forms of media in the world. Gaming as a medium has moved on from being just a living room pastime for pre-teens - it's now turned into a multibillion-dollar industry that has also infiltrated TV, movies, books, music, and everything else you can imagine. And with the rise of gaming has come a wealth of prominent personalities that have staked their claim within the genre through various means, which include streaming, commentating, content creation, game development, etc. ONE37pm's very own gaming arm (ONE37gg) will now be interviewing such individuals on a weekly basis in order to make you aware of their notable accomplishments within the ever-growing gaming space. For our very first segment of ONE37gg Presents Now Loading..., say hello to pro Street Fighter V player David "Justakid" Edwards. Now join us as we chop it up with the SFV CPT 2022 Online Event: NA Midwest champion.

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ONE37pm: So what initially attracted you to fighting games?

Justakid: Main attraction was me being competitive and just enjoying button mashing when I was younger. Soon I started to watch videos and learn about combos and other fighting game terms and whatnot and that led me to the FGC.

ONE37pm: What led to you taking Street Fighter V seriously as a pro player and competing in tournaments?

Justakid: I am quite competitive coming from playing Call of Duty at the time so it kinda drifted off into Street Fighter. I saw that people were playing the same characters I was and winning so I said to myself "I can do that." So I trained up and did my best and slowly but surely, got better and better as time went on.

ONE37pm: It's always fascinating to watch players achieve success with characters that aren't used as much as everyone else. What's been the reaction to you winning the North America Midwest portion of the Captom Pro Tour 2022 with Juri?

Justakid: The main point was that Juri is cheap haha!!! That was for sure the main point people talked about involving the character. But it was mainly people saying good stuff and expressing that I have been so close to the win but never got it. So I enjoyed seeing people saying congrats and the amount of friends I have being in my corner is so nice and heartwarming to have. Also, one of the main arguments afterward was "Is Justakid good or is Juri carrying him?" I don't mind hearing it since it comes up every time someone uses a character that doesn't seem good as much so I paid no mind to it.

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