Zuri Sparks Speaks On Being Multitalented, 'Roller Champions,' and More

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G Tucker / ONE37pm

It's been amazing to see the advancement of diversity when it comes to the types of streamers featured on Twitch nowadays. There's such a wide range of genders and races that have migrated to the platform to put their love for gaming, cooking, music, and other hobbies on full display for their loyal followers to see. Zuri Sparks is one of those entertaining individuals that has established herself as a game streamer worth paying attention to. As a variety streamer, she gets her kicks in by playing a wide variety of titles. And as she describes it, her gaming motto is as follows: "I pretty much play any game that stresses me out." Zuri took some time to chop it up ONE37pm's very own Aaron "Don" Dukes to have a lively chat about anything and everything geeky and non-geeky.

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