The 'Madden' Covers by Year Since 2001: Every Player Featured

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Many people may say that the ultimate goal of an NFL player is to become a Super Bowl champion, but deep down we all know that the real peak is being picked to be on the cover of EA Sports’ Madden. Okay, so maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but there’s no denying that it is a pretty big honor. 

From elite quarterbacks to speedy-quick running backs, Madden covers have featured some legends. Though some say that with being on the Madden cover comes the dreaded “Madden Curse”, when you look back at all the players that have been on the Madden cover over the past 23 years, the one thing they all have in common is that they are really good players. Let’s take a look at all of the Madden covers by year and who to see who has been featured since the game started doing player covers in 2001.

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‘Madden 24’: Josh Allen (2024)

‘Madden 23’: John Madden (2023)

‘Madden 22’: Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady (2022)

‘Madden 21’: Lamar Jackson (2021)

‘Madden 20’: Patrick Mahomes (2020)

‘Madden 19’: Antonio Brown (2019)

‘Madden 18’: Tom Brady (2018)

‘Madden 17’: Rob Gronkowski (2017)

2016: Odell Beckham Jr.

'Madden 15': Richard Sherman (2015)

‘Madden 25’: Adrian Peterson & Barry Sanders (2014)

'Madden 13': Calvin Johnson (2013)

'Madden 12': Peyton Hillis (2012)

'Madden 11': Drew Brees (2011)

'Madden 10': Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald (2010)

'Madden 09': Brett Favre (2009)

'Madden 08': Vince Young (2008)

'Madden 07': Shaun Alexander (2007)

Madden 06: Donovan McNabb (2006)

'Madden 05': Ray Lewis (2005)

'Madden 2004': Michael Vick (2004)

'Madden 2003': Marshall Faulk (2003)

'Madden 2002': Daunte Culpepper (2002)

'Madden 2001': Eddie George (2001)

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