The 20 Most Forgotten Gaming Characters

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Mario. Sonic. Crash Bandicoot. These are all hallowed names in the gaming universe. They're iconic characters that most gamers know, and for good reason: their games are great, they're designed well, and they're likable! They're mascots that, like Pac-Man, have long had their likenesses engraved in the history books. No one would even dare consider them to be among the huge crop of forgotten gaming characters.

But just like there are mascots that everyone knows and loves, there are plenty of lesser characters that just didn't jibe well with audiences, or their games weren't that memorable. Maybe players just didn't like these mascots, or they grated on the nerves, like the infamous Bubsy. Or maybe they were decent characters, but their games didn't sell well enough to establish a franchise.

Whatever the case may be, these gaming mascots have mostly been lost to the sands of time. While some of them enjoyed multiple sequels and chances for gamers to get to know them, others vanished into thin air after a single title. We've collected some of the most overlooked mascots for your reading pleasure. Enjoy this trip down memory lane -- or your first brush with some of the weirder mascots out there. There are definitely plenty of them.

Forgotten Gaming Characters

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1. 'Glover'

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2. 'Blinx the Time Sweeper'

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3. 'Gex: Enter the Gecko'

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4. 'Chuck Rock'

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5. 'James Pond: Underwater Agent'

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6. 'Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure'

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7. 'Punky Skunk'

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8. 'Jersey Devil'

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9. 'Skunny'

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10. 'Titus the Fox'

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11. 'Croc: Legend of the Gobbos'

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12. 'Aero the Acrobat'

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13. 'Ristar'

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14. 'Bonk's Adventure'

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15. 'Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel'

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16. 'Zool Redimensioned'

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17. 'Wild Woody'

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18. 'Rocky Rodent'

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19. 'Cool Spot'

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20. 'Jazz Jackrabbit'

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