The 30 Best PS1 Fighting Games

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There was just something magnetic about the PS1 that attracted the attention of publishers/developers who were keen on porting over its most revered fighting games at the time. Capcom, Namco, Hudson Soft, SNK, and more are all responsible for making the first Sony home video game console a destination for fighting game fans. Popular genre franchises such as Tekken, Street Fighter, and Bloody Roar could be seen side by side with lesser-known but equally exciting brawlers such as Star Gladiator, Gundam: Battle Assault 2, and Dead or Alive. On this list of the best PS1 fighting games, we're going to showcase a vast library of games that provided tons of fun for local gamers squabbing it out during the mid to late 90s and early 00s.

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Best PS1 Fighting Games

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1. ‘Tekken’

Buy Now, $58.41

2. ‘Tekken 2’

Buy Now, $27.99

3. ‘Tekken 3’

Buy Now, $42.66

4. ‘Soul Edge’

Buy Now, $39.80

5. ‘Tobal No. 1’

Buy Now, $72.27

6. ‘Psychic Force’

Buy Now, $299.99

7. ‘Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams'

Buy Now, $95.01

8. ‘Street Fighter Alpha 2’

Buy Now, $149.99

9. ‘Street Fighter Alpha 3’

Buy Now, $51.93

10. ‘Rival Schools: United by Fate’

Buy Now, $200

11. ‘Bushido Blade’

Buy Now, $89.99

12. ‘Bushido Blade 2’

Buy Now, $54.99

13. ‘Dead or Alive’

Buy Now, $79.99

14. ‘Gundam: Battle Assault 2’

Buy Now, $81.48

15. ‘X-Men: Mutant Academy 2’

Buy Now, Price Varies

16. ‘Mortal Kombat Trilogy’

Buy Now, $58.89

17. ‘Bloody Roar’

Buy Now, $122.99

18. ‘Bloody Roar 2’

Buy Now, $138

19. ‘Capcom vs. SNK Pro’

Buy Now, $109.99

20. ‘WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role’

Buy Now, $38.02

21. ‘Star Gladiator’

Buy Now, $149.99

22. ‘Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha’

Buy Now, $62.99

23. ‘Street Fighter EX2’

Buy Now, $149.90

24. ‘Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors’

Buy Now, $298.99

25. ‘Darkstalkers 3’

Buy Now, $89.99

26. ‘The King of Fighters '95'

27. ‘Guilty Gear’

Buy Now, $399.99

28. ‘Pocket Fighter’

Buy Now, $53

29. ‘Street Fighter Collection’

Buy Now, $59.89

30. ‘Street Fighter Collection 2’

Buy Now, $149.91
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