FujiAnthony's Social Media Development Clientele is Major

fujianthony mobile
G Tucker / ONE37pm

It takes a lot to build up one's credibility to the point where recognized entertainment brands reach out to you for assistance. Thanks to the hard work put forth by the mysterious online personality known as "FujiAnthony," he's managed to take his talents and put them towards building out the social media presence of worthwhile personalities and companies.

His personal company, Fuji Media, has a single statement that summarizes itself for potential clients: "a multi-faceted social media management firm servicing the world's largest creators and esports professionals." FujiAnthony is clearly in demand, as evidenced by who he's worked with thus far: Lyrical Lemonade, Tfue, Keemstar, NYSL Aydan, JustZik, Crispy Concords, and dellor are among that big-time clientele. Plus he's also done some work with esports professionals from teams such as FaZe Clan, NRG, Sentinels, and 100 Thieves.

ONE37pm's very own Aaron "Don" Dukes chopped it up with FujiAnthony for a convo that delves into his editing work and the big names he's linked up with thus far.

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