Call of Duty League Rookie Standy is Proving to be a Standout


There’s always a sense of doubt and worry whenever an established team of any kind makes changes to its current roster. In the case of the Call of Duty League’s Minnesota ROKKR crew, a major switch-up came to pass within their ranks and caused a slight bit of concern - a 19-year old prodigy by the name of Eli “Standy'' Bentz recently got rotated into ROKKR’s starting lineup in place of Mike “MajorManaik” Szymaniak. But judging by the amazing performance put on by Standy during a match that saw his team sweep OpTic Chicago, that player change decision has turned out to be a positive one.

Standy has been deeply involved in the world of eSports and the Call of Duty League since 2019. Before joining ROKKR, the 19-year old pro played alongside teams such as Vanity, Aspire eSports, Team Insite, and Triumph. His debut performance alongside his new squadmates resulted in him producing the best rookie performance of all time within the Pro League. By pushing his underdog team to victory against two of the best teams in the league (Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago), Standy has emerged as the player to watch and the team MVP that could aid his team in delivering even more upset wins over top contenders.

During an interview with ESTNN’s Charlie Cater, Standy detailed his early gaming origins. “My interest in COD starts with my love for video games when I was younger, I love video games,” Standy said. “I played with my friends from school and from there I met a few friends online throughout gaming that taught me and guided me and told me what competitive COD is. So from there, when I was about 14, 15, I learned about the competitive side and that's when I kind of began my journey.” Standy’s love for COD has resulted in him nabbing some #1 placings in various tournaments, such as his most recent win during the Call of Duty Challengers 2021 Cup #9 North America.

Standy also came out on top during the following 2019 and 2020 competitions (feel free to check out his other tournament results right here, too):

- 2019 National Gaming Events Season 6 Playoffs

- 2019 MLG GameBattles Premium $1000 4v4 Search and Destroy

- 2019 GameBattles NA Challengers: 2000 Series Tournament #4

- 2020 GameBattles NA Challengers: 1000 Series Tournament #6

- Call of Duty Challengers Dallas Open 2020 North America

- Call of Duty Challengers Florida Open 2020 North America

- Call of Duty Challengers 2020 Cup #3 North America

- 2020 GameBattles Premium $1000 4v4 S&D

- Call of Duty Challengers 2020 Finals North America

- 2020 Atlanta FaZe Black Ops 4 Invitational Open Qualifier

All eyes are on Standy at the moment and hopes are high for his future performances alongside his ROKKR cohorts. Judging by his masterful playstyle and affinity for notching huge wins, those hopes will certainly be fulfilled as the Call of Duty League rolls on.

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