Here's a Full List of the 'Street Fighter 5' Characters

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To say that fighting game fans have come a long way from the launch of Street Fighter V is a hell of an understatement. What started as a barebones and highly disappointing entry in Capcom's prized fighting game franchise slowly morphed into a respectable Street Fighter series installment. A whopping five seasons of additional DLC characters, a second "V-Skill" & "V-Trigger" for every roster member, a cinematic story mode, an arcade mode (which should have been included from the very start, but we digress), and a crazy amount of costumes eventually breathed new life in SFV & helped extend its lifecycle. Now that we're in the age of Street Fighter 6, let's take a trip down memory lane and look back on what came before it by checking out all 45 of the Street Fighter 5 characters in alphabetical order.

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Street Fighter 5' Characters


Abigail Screen 2
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Fighting Style: Described as "Violent" (While Taking Advantage of His Physique)

The crossover between Street Fighter and Final Fight came through quite prevalently with SFV. It came as a shock when Hugo got passed over in SFV and had his "massive brawler" character archetype filled by another member of the "Mad Gear Gang" named Abigail. This hard-hitting behemoth loves beating people up, making strange noises ad nauseam, and working on cars in his personal "Abigail's Scrap Metal" shop.

Abigail Combos


maxresdefault d42d85
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Fighting Style: Bajiquan (Hakkyokuken)

Capcom diehards lost their minds at the sight of Street Fighter Alpha 2's Sakura crossed over the high school battleground that is Rival Schools: United by Fate. Those same minds had a second explosion once Rival Schools' Akira made her first appearance in a Street Fighter game as a member of the SFV roster. Alongside her fellow orphan brother Daigo Kazama, Akira pulls off some lethal ground- and air-based combos that are some of the flashiest in SFV.

Akira Combos


Akuma 1
  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Fighting Styles: Satsui no Hado, Ansatsuken

One of Ryu's biggest rivals, the master of the "Satsui no Hado" & "Ansatsuken," and the user of the "Raging Demon" super move is known by many as Akuma. His inclusion as a member of the SFV roster marked his debuting beard, which everyone likened to Akuma looking like a fierce lion. His power has only grown to epic proportions at this point in the Street Fighter series chronology.

Akuma Combos


maxresdefault 1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
  • Fighting Styles: Wrestling, Kickboxing

The front-facing mascot for the Street Fighter III sub-series is the beefy grappler who's always looking for a challenge, Alex. Hailing from New York, Alex does his best to steer clear of shady "Shadaloo" personnel, living out his days in his trusty trailer car, and getting into epic fights with the rest of Street Fighter's most formidable fighters.

Alex Combos


SFV Balrog
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: "Fight-Style" Boxing

The highly disrespectful and money-hungry boxer known as Balrog does something totally out of character in SFV - caring for someone other than him. That individual is a young man named Ed, a "Psycho Power" wielding protégé of Balrog was kidnapped by Shadaloo to serve his purpose as a potential substitute body for M. Bison. After escaping the evil organization's grasp, Balrog takes Ed under his wing and gives him plenty of tough love to make him stronger during his early upbringing period.

Balrog Combos


Birdie Street Fighter header
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter
  • Fighting Style: Attacks Focused on Headbutts and Chains

He's fat. He indulges in eating way too many oversized donuts. He fights dirty (like, he flings boogers at his opponents). And to top it all off, he's quick to walk away from a job if it has a strict dress code. Such is the story of Birdie, who briefly worked for Shadaloo before leaving the evil organization due to that very same aforementioned reason.

Birdie Combos


Blanka 2
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Feral Movement, Electric Attacks

Blank's SFV incarnation is focused on becoming a global star with the help of his newly introduced "Blanka-chan" dolls. With Sakura's help, those miniature mascot figurines end up getting added to the arcade machines of the establishment where she works. In the end, those dolls become super popular. Sadly, Blanka has no inkling of the huge jump in popularity his dolls garnered at that time.

Blanka Combos


09 Cammy Intro
  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  • Fighting Style: Special Forces Training (Delta Red)

Alongside the good guys of SFV who join forces to vanquish M. Bison and his criminal empire, Cammy helped see that goal to its successful completion. With the likes of former M. Bison "Doll" Decapre, Juri, and Rashid by her side, Cammy saves the remaining Dolls from their mind-controlled state and lives to fight on another day as a member of the crime syndicate-breaking organization known as "Delta Red."

Cammy Combos


maxresdefault 2
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Chinese Martial Arts/Kung Fu - Tai chi

Just like Cammy, Interpol officer Chun-Li helped gather the world-saving troops during a mission that saw them rise to bring an end to M. Bison and his band of evil followers. Her hate for Shadaloo's leader runs deep as he is the reason why Chun-Li's father met his unfortunate end. Thanks to the assistance of longtime friends Guile and Cammy, the world ended up becoming a much safer place now that Shadaloo and its infamous leader are no more.

Chun-Li Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Fighting Styles: Martial Arts, Kenkasappō, Underworld Brawling

In SFV, Cody abandons his vigilante ways and instead enters a life of politics under his new role as the mayor of Final Fight's "Metro City." Even though he does the majority of city clean-up work from behind a desk, Cody still finds time to bring pain to the opposition with his signature crowbar, knife, and his devastating "Criminal Punisher."

Cody Combos


maxresdefault b6b062
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha
  • Fighting Style: Saikyo "Ultimate" Style

The one and only self-taught master of "Saikyo-Style" martial arts popped up at the tail end of SFV's lifecycle as one of its final DLC characters. He's still best buds with his "pupils" Sakura and Blanka.

Dan Combos


maxresdefault 1 1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: Esoteric Yoga

Dhalsim had reached veteran status as the fire-breathing Yoga practitioner who could stretch his limbs out far and wide by the time SFV launched. He offers spiritual guidance to his people and anyone else willing to adhere to his insightful teachings.

Dhalsim Combos

E. Honda

Honda 1 R1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: Japanese Sumo Wrestling

Street Fighter's cheerful sumo wrestler has his own bathhouse, which even attracts some of SFV's roster members. While the major clash between the heroes and villains of SFV is unfolding, E. Honda is engaging in a more leisurely activity as he's engaging in a gourmet trip with Hakan and is searching for new disciples.

E. Honda Combos


featured ed
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter IV
  • Fighting Style: Psycho Boxing

After running around with Balrog and receiving some of his tough love, Ed quickly grows into a fierce Psycho Power boxer and leads an offshoot of the organization he once escaped from. That group is "Neo Shadaloo," which also includes fellow members Falke (more on her later), an unnamed tall man with large, triangular curly hair, and a huge gorilla named Baba Mwalimu.

Ed Combos


50931848153 c443571483 o
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Fighting Style: "Hyper Adaptation"

Before his inclusion in SFV, Eleven utilized its own signature moveset and was also able to transform into whomever it was fighting at the time back in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Eleven shows up in SFV as a random character select variation where it randomly morphs into any character from the SFV roster and utilizes a preset V-Skill and V-Trigger from their repertoire.

Eleven Combos


featured falke
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • Fighting Styles: Psycho Power, Bōjutsu, Psycho Staff

Falke is another Psycho Power wielder who primarily battles with a bōjutsu. She initially aligns herself with Ed to locate and save other people like them who have also escaped Shadaloo. Now she fights alongside Ed and the rest of her compatriots in the new alliance known as Neo Shadaloo.

Falke Combos


12.04 Pose 1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Styles: Chinese Kenpo, Fujian White Crane

During his tenure in SFV, F.A.N.G. rose to the position of second-in-command of Shadaloo, ranking only below M. Bison in the overall hierarchy that also contains Vega and Balrog. F.A.N.G relies on mastery of Chinese Kenpo and Fujian White Crane martial arts while also using toxins to poison his victims. He and Rashid were mortal foes since F.A.N.G. killed Rashid's friend (that friend was in the process of preparing and uploading a program to countermeasure Shadaloo's evil plan to Rashid before F.A.N.G. discovered it and disposed of her).

F.A.N.G. Combos


g point jpgcopy feature
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • Fighting Style: All Martial Arts From Around The World

G is one of the more mysterious DLC roster additions to SFV. He refers to himself as the "President of the World" and makes it his mission to unify the world. No one knows where he originated from, but they do know he's a powerhouse who utilizes the energy of Planet Earth to increase his strength.

G Combos


featured gill
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
  • Fighting Styles: Illuminati Techniques, Pankration

The original big bad of Street Fighter III made his shocking return in SFV and stood side by side with all the previous bosses of the Street Fighter series. He still taps into his ability to wield the elements of fire and ice to bring down his opponents. At the close of SFV's A Shadow Falls story mode, it's teased that Gill is preparing to put his grand plan into action once he finds out about the destruction of Shadaloo.

Gill Combos


14.WS 0000
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Martial Arts, Professional Wrestling, and "MCMAP" (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)

Street Fighter's iconic family man aided in the operation to bring Shadaloo down for good. He fought the good fight as a member of Colonel in the United States Air Force and worked closely with Chun-Li during their efforts to finally defeat M. Bison. Due to the death of his best friend Charlie at the hands of M. Bison, Guile had a personal vendetta against Shadaloo's leader in SFV.

Guile Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
  • Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

The young ninja-in-training/high schooler made her welcome return to SFV with some new gear to match. In the game's story, she rises to the occasion by joining the heroic rade on Shadaloo headquarters with the likes of Chun-Li, Karin, Guile, R. Mika, and the rest of the do-gooders of the Street Fighter universe.

Ibuki Combos

Juri Han

  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Fighting Styles: Taekwondo, Ki Attacks

The crazed South Korean Taekwondo martial artist known as Juri Han popped up in SFV to continue on her trail of revenge against M. Bison due to him being the reason her family is deceased. Her vendetta against Shadaloo causes her to enter an uneasy alliance with the raid group responsible for taking M. Bison and his henchman down.

Juri Han Combos


Street Fighter V Kage
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • Fighting Style: Martial Arts Rooted in Ansatsuken, Enriched By The Satsui no Hado

This isn't Evil Ryu, folks! This is a different version of Ryu's physical embodiment of the "Satsui no Hado" that lives only to antagonize and convince Ryu that he is nothing without him. Kage (shortened from the name Kagenaru Mono) utilizes his rendition of Ansatsuken-style martial arts to smash the competition.

Kage Combos

Karin Kanzuki

8.04 Post CA
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Fighting Style: Kanzuki-ryu

Sakura's eternal rival Karin Kanzuki ended up becoming one of the biggest surprise SFV roster inclusions as the last time she was seen, it was in 2004's Capcom Fighting Evolution. As the wealthy head of the "Kanzuki Zaibatsu," Karin does the unthinkable by gathering all of the fighters together which ends up taking down Shadaloo's leader and all of its forces. Just think of Karin as the Nick Fury of Street Fighter's version of The Avengers and you'll see where she fits into SFV's storyline.

Karin Kanzuki Combos

Ken Masters

10 Critical Art
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter
  • Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

Ryu's longtime rival and fellow Ansatsuken martial arts user Ken Masters also joined Ryu and the rest of the gang in their bid to eliminate the sinister Shadaloo organization once and for all. Once M. Bison is finally out of the picture, Ken and Ryu enter a sparring match that results in Ryu prevailing. The friendly rivalry between those two will always be in place...

Ken Combos


featured kolin
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
  • Fighting Styles: Systema, Cryokinesis, Knifehand Strikes

Anyone who's played through the Street Fighter III games extensively recognizes Kolin's start as an NPC (Non-Playable Character) who would only appear as Gill's assistant during his pre-fight intro. In SFV, she evolved into a playable character that utilizes the element of ice bestowed upon her by her boss and leader of the "Secret Society." Her importance to the story of SFV is massive as she is the reason that Charlie Nash is revived.

Kolin Combos

Laura Matsuda

10.13 Win Pose
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Style: Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu With Some Unique Arrangements of Her Own Included

Laura Matsuda's last name should instantly activate memories of Street Fighter III's Sean Matsuda. That's because Laura is Sean's sister. However, Laura mainly relies on her mastery of "Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu," which was mastered by her Japanese grandfather Kinjiro Matsuda. Just like Blanka, Laura taps into the power of electricity to power her attacks.

Laura Matsuda Combos


maxresdefault d1c43d
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • Fighting Style: Self-Taught Kenpō and Self-Defense Techniques

Lucia is another surprising addition to SFV who originally hails from the crime-stricken world of Metro City. Lucia originated in Final Fight 3 as a playable character alongside Haggar, Guy, and Dean. Lucia upgraded her position from vigilante to a police officer who fights crime with her baton, flame-based kicks, and self-taught kenpō & self-defense techniques.

Lucia Combos


ストリートファイターV DEV 20211110154801 1024x576 1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Style: Military MMA

Fun fact - Luke was originally supposed to make his grand debut in Street Fighter 6 as its main poster child. However, the delayed development of that sequel forced Capcom's hand and saw SFV's developers step up to add him to the game as a part of its fifth and final DLC season. Luke gets inspired to join the army after the selfless act committed by his father to protect innocents from a mall explosion, which resulted in his passing. Luke learns a few things from Guile during his journey to become just as heroic as his father.

Luke Combos

M. Bison

maxresdefault 1 2
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Psycho Power and Lerdrit

One of the most notorious bosses in fighting game history reared his ugly head once again during his time spent in SFV. He finally met his end at the hands of most of Street Fighter's heroic warriors due to the combined attack on his base. Since M. Bison perished before he could transfer his soul into the substitute body of one of his captured victims, the boss of the fallen Shadaloo is no more.

M. Bison Combos


maxresdefault d2a931
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Styles: Fights Using "Soul Power" and Crystal Ball

Menat stands out as the successor to Rose as she's a fellow fortune teller and user of the mythical power known as "Soul Power." This young Egyptian lady began her Street Fighter career as Rose's apprentice and learned her ways while living in the "Palazzo Mistero" in Italy.

Menat Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha
  • Fighting Styles: Special Forces Training and Special Attacks That Utilize His Physical Abilities

Charlie Nash looked to be on the verge of defeating M. Bison, but his winning effort was dashed away after he was shot down and seemingly killed. Nash is brought back to life due to the efforts of the Secret Society and makes it his goal to once again destroy Shadaloo's nefarious leader. In a last-ditch effort to take him down, Nash absorbs a ton of M. Bison's Psycho Power and explodes to eliminate himself and his biggest opponent.

Nash Combos


2907932 11411928 10153577124542147 8986807756439107594 o
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Style: Violent Style Taking Advantage of Physique

Necalli is one of SFV's debuting characters whose sole focus is searching for the souls (and sometimes bodies!) of powerful fighters to devour. This relentless Aztec warrior sought out Ryu during SFV's story mode but met his end at the hands of his overwhelming power. Soon after, he disappeared as he failed in his mission to devour the souls of Ryu, Ryu, Dhalsim, M. Bison, and Nash.

Necalli Combos


SFV OroSFVSummerUpdate2021
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter III: New Generation
  • Fighting Style: Senjutsu

Oro is known by Street Fighter fans as one of the series' strongest warriors who could even give Ryu and Akuma a run for their money. The 140-year-old Japanese hermit tries to give his opponent a fair shot at defeating him by somewhat nerfing himself as he holds a turtle in one hand while he fights.

Oro Combos


maxresdefault 1 3
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter X Tekken
  • Fighting Style: Acrobatic Fighting

Poison is another member of the SFV roster that originated in Final Fight as an enemy of the good guys and a former member of the Mad Gear Gang. Her massive associate Hugo didn't appear in SFV, so Poison went out on her own here to clash with the rest of the game's roster with her trusty whip in tow.

Poison Combos

R. Mika

11037352 10153670074222147 7327874167906998150 o
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling

Rainbow Mika is another one of those SFV roster inclusions that caught everyone off guard since the last time fans saw her was back in Street Fighter Alpha 3. As a member of the "Iwashigahama Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling," R. Mika uses her wrestling expertise to dominate her foes, impress Zangief, and improve her chemistry with fellow wrestler & former tag team partner Yamato Nadeshiko.

R. Mika Combos


7.05 Critical Art
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Style: Wind and Parkour

The super nimble and always joyful fighter known as Rashid is another one of the characters that popped up as a brand new series character in SFV. His main goal in that game's story mode consists of getting revenge for the death of his friend, who met her end at the hands of Shadaloo member F.A.N.G. Rashid aided the heroic efforts of Ryu, Guile, Nash, and more during their strike on the Shadaloo base.

Rashid Combos


maxresdefault 2 1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha
  • Fighting Style: Soul Power

Before there was Menat, there was Rose. The original fortune teller/fighter of Street Fighter Fame made her return to the series once again in SFV and foretold of a future cataclysmic event that will somehow involve the mysterious G. Rose lets everyone in on a grand plan that sees her somehow warning her past self of what's to come to stop what's set to negatively affect the future at some point in the Street Fighter timeline.

Rose Combos


01 Ryu Vtrigger
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter
  • Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

Everyone knows this guy! The most experienced user of the Ansatsuken martial arts and the guy that everyone seemingly wants to clash with and even learn from is none other than Street Fighter frontman Ryu. In SFV, Ryu comes up against his oldest rivals and some new ones who truly want to test his mettle (Necalli is one of those newly introduced fearsome foes). Thanks to Ryu's assistance, M. Bison finally meets his end and the rest of Shadaloo comes apart at the seams.

Ryu Combos


Sagat Stand
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter
  • Fighting Style: Muay Thai

Ryu's most recognizable rival and one of the tallest, beefiest members of the Street Fighter roster is the Muay Thai practitioner Sagat. By the time we reached SFV, he had broken all ties with Shadaloo and given up his duty as being a bodyguard for M. Bison. Sagat does his best to fight his inner demons and embrace the same path that Ryu is on so that he may use his strength without having to tap into his evil instincts.

Sagat Combos

Sakura Kasugano

maxresdefault b200e7
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter Alpha 2
  • Fighting Style: Imitation of Ryu's Ansatsuken

Ryu Megafan Sakura Kasugano has grown up a bit by the time she pops up in SFV and now spends her days working part-time at an arcade named "Plaza Capcom" after graduating from university. She's still besties with Dan and Blanka, plus her neverending rivalry with Karin thankfully persists.

Sakura Kasugano Combos


featured seth
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter IV
  • Fighting Styles: Transcendent Fighting Style Beyond Human Knowledge, Move Duplication

Street Fighter IV's notorious final boss came back to terrorize everyone once again in SFV. But this time, Seth's gender got switched up due to the remnants of his biological brain getting mixed up with the body of one of M. Bison's Dolls (more specifically, "Doll Unit Zero").

Seth Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact
  • Fighting Styles: Illuminati Techniques, Pankration, Mysterious Electrical Power

Gill's older brother Urien got added to SFV before his big bro did. This time around, he rocked a pretty slick suit while he smashed his opponents into the ground. Thanks to Urien's assistant Helen, he gets a chance to test the abilities of the revived Nash to see if he's capable of stopping Shadaloo's plan to power M. Bison even more with the power of the seven "Black Moons." Urien ultimately defeats Nash during their clash, but Nash still goes on to do a bit of damage to Bison in the end.

Urien Combos


5.14 Win Screen
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: Spanish Ninjutsu

Vega is another one of M. Bison's longtime personal bodyguards who made his return to SFV. His assistance in keeping M. Bison's Dolls under his mind control comes undone during the raid on the Shadaloo base. Even though he defeats Cammy in their final battle, Decapre cuts Vega off before he can get rid of the Delta Red member for good. Vega left the scene as his boss and former headquarters went down in flames.

Vega Combos


1443723767 6dd1082166f5579d776e8345dc88d8ba
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: Mix of Russian and American Pro Wrestling

The "Red Cyclone" who's been a Street Fighter staple since debuting in the second series entry rose to the occasion in SFV when he popped up to aid the good guys when they took the fight to M. Bison and the rest of his Shadaloo contingent. He and R. Mika are huge fans of each other, of course.

Zangief Combos


maxresdefault 1 4
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Style: Bushinryu Ninjutsu

While Final Fight's Guy didn't end up making his way to SFV, his teacher Zeku got added to the game's roster as the sole representative of Bushinryu Ninjutsu. He is recognized as the 38th grandmaster of that particular school of martial arts and can switch from his old form to his young form and back at the press of a button.

Zeku Combos

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