Here's a Full List of the 'Street Fighter 6' Characters

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The Street Fighter series has steadily introduced gamers to a wide range of "World Warriors" whose personalities, storyline convictions, and designs have stood the test of time. In 2023, the sixth mainline entry in the long-running fighting game franchise launched to critical acclaim - that's due in part to a splendid art style, a substantial amount of offline single-player content, and a phenomenal rollback netcode for online play. Another reason why SF6 has garnered such universal praise is due to its launch day roster, which offers a nice combination of beloved series veterans and welcome newcomers. As the game's lifecycle continues, even more fighters will join its roster and give fans more reasons to hop into "World Tour" mode and hop online to try out their new downloadable faves. Stay here with us as take a look at all the Street Fighter 6 characters in alphabetical order and detail their backstory while also providing a cool look at their sickest combos (hopefully you're good enough to learn those combos on your own!).

Note: this list will be updated over time as new DLC characters are released!

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  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Style: Chinese Kenpo & Shequan (Snake Kung Fu)

Calling AKI unhinged is an understatement. Her twisted psyche is terrifying yet oddly endearing. Her expert use of poison-based attacks comes from her time spent as an apprentice of Street Fighter V's F.A.N.G, the former "Shadaloo" officer. AKI knows her way around toxins and the proper ones that can paralyze you in an instant. Plus she knows all the pressure points on the body that can turn your body into a prison.

A.K.I. Combos


  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Fighting Styles: Satsui no Hado, Ansatsuken

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  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Feral Movement, Electric Attacks

The lightning-powered Brazilian beast Blanka (real name Jimmy) is not only a formidable fighter - he's also a reliable tour guide for his neck of the jungle, loves his mother dearly, and has high hopes of becoming a global celebrity. His "Blanka-Chan" doll may just be the key to making Blanka more of a lovable mascot known far and wide.

Blanka Combos


  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  • Fighting Style: Special Forces Training (Delta Red)

After breaking away from the mind control state brought upon her during her time spent under M.Bison's leadership, Cammy helped carry out the successful operation against Shadaloo that led to its downfall. Now she currently carries out assorted operations against sinister forces as a member of the British special forces unit "Delta Red."

Cammy Combos


chun li
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu and Tai Chi)

In years past, Chun-Li spent her days as an ICPO agent hell-bent on destroying Shadaloo. Since succeeding at that mission, she now teaches kung-fu classes to her community while also looking after a young girl named Li-Fen (who happens to be a victim of a harrowing event called the "Black Moon Incident").

Chun-Li Combos

Dee Jay

dee jay
  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  • Fighting Styles: Kickboxing, Breakdancing

The world-renowned "Jamaican Sensation" known as Dee Jay loves to please his massive fanbase by providing them with good tunes and even better vibes thanks to his expert dance moves and infectious positivity.

Dee Jay Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: Esoteric Yoga

At this point in the Street Fighter timeline, Dhalsim is a veteran monk and yoga practitioner who hails from India. He serves as a spiritual guide to his people and always makes it his mission to dispel all forms of evil, even though he's more of a pacifist than an activist.

Dhalsim Combos


ed 1
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Style: Psycho Boxing

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Ed Character Guide

E. Honda

e honda
  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Style: Japanese Sumo Wrestling

One of the most recognizable sumo wrestlers in fighting games and video games as a whole is none other than Mr. Edmond Honda. He now travels the world looking to expose the sport of sumo wrestling, bless folks with his famous Chanko Stew, and welcome those same fans to his welcoming bathhouses.

E. Honda Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Martial Arts, Professional Wrestling, MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)

Thanks to the assistance of fellow peacekeeping agents Chun-Li and Cammy, Guile helped bring down Shadaloo. After finally fulfilling that mission and avenging the death of his best friend Charlie (who was murdered by the now defunct organization), the US Air Force pilot now enjoys spending more time with his family. But whenever a bad situation arises, Guile is quick to jump into action to save the world once more.

Guile Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Styles: Zui Quan (Drunken Fist), Breakdancing

The self-proclaimed defender of Chinatown is a young man named Jami, who's inspired by the heroic examples put forth by Yun and Yang aka the "Twin Dragons." Jamie puts his all into maintaining strong friendships, upholding justice, and keeping the people of his town safe from harm.

Jamie Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Style: Psycho Power

JP is a man shrouded in mystery. As the head of an international NGO, the people of "Nayshall" look up to him thanks to his generous efforts to help their country expand and increase its profitability. However, his usage of "Psycho Power" comes into question as it alludes to him having some ulterior motives and a sinister connection to the fallen Shadaloo.

JP Combos

Juri Han

  • Series Debut: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Fighting Styles: Taekwondo, Ki Attacks

Juri's addictive nature hasn't subsided (which is a good thing for her dedicated fanbase, we presume). Now that her biggest opposer M.Bison is deceased, she no longer has a motivating factor that drives her to do anything meaningful with her life. Now she simply gets her thrills from torturing her hapless foes and living out her days as an introvert (a terrifying one, we might add!).

Juri Han Combos

Ken Masters

  • Series Debut: Street Fighter
  • Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

Ken Masters' fall from grace in Street Fighter 6 is heartbreaking. The man who was once recognized as the US National Fighting Champion and Vice President of the "Masters Foundation" has been blackmailed by a criminal organization that has ties to JP. Due to those life-altering events, Ken has been forced to go into hiding, abandon his wife & son, and try to get to the bottom of his current predicament.

Ken Masters Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Style: Bushin-ryu Ninjutsu

The young city slicker Kimberly practically forced her way into becoming the latest disciple of Guy, who is the 39th successor to Bushinryu Ninjutsu ("Martial God-Style Ninja Techniques/Spells"). Not only is her martial arts prowess impressive, but her level of intelligence is high as she graduated college early. Kimberly is a huge fan of 80s pop culture, as you can probably tell from watching her gameplay intros and outros.

Kimberly Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Style: Thunderfoot Martial Arts

Lily's ties to T. Hawk are evident based on her familial connection to the "Thunderfoot" tribe. Her mystical powers allow her to communicate with the spirits of nature itself, which guide her during her travels around the globe. Even though she has a small stature, Lily withholds a ton of power and can tap into the element of wind to maintain her combat prowess.

Lily Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
  • Fighting Style: Military MMA

Fun fact - Luke was supposed to make his grand debut in Street Fighter 6. But the final season of DLC characters for Street Fighter V ended up adding him in as a way to clue fans into the future of the franchise as a whole. As the frontman for this latest series entry, Luke spends his days as a contractor for a PMC (Private Military Company) and teaching MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to his loyal pupils. Luke gets a kick out of playing video games, stuffing his face with junk food, and brawling with the very best.

Luke Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Styles: Judo, Ballet Dancing

Manon is beauty and class personified - she's one of the world's most beloved supermodels and is a world champion judoka (which is a person who practices the art of judo). Her mission is all about becoming the strongest supermodel the world has ever seen.

Manon Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter 6
  • Fighting Style: Pankration

Don't judge this hulking book by its cover - Marisa is not only a supreme battler who claims to have ancestry to the ancient Greek warriors, but she also dabbles in designing jewelry. It's pretty wild that she has a pet lion and has dreams of getting married someday.

Marisa Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter V
  • Fighting Styles: Wind, Parkour

Now nicknamed "The Soaring Eagle of the Desert," Rashid spends his days still living as a carefree young man who loves his technology. Video streaming is at the very top of his favorite hobbies.

Rashid Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter
  • Fighting Style: Ansatsuken

From the very beginning of his journey, Ryu has sought to become as strong as possible while also testing his mettle against the most formidable opponents the world has to offer. After finally overcoming the evil influence of the "Satsui no Hado," he continues on his journey of self-improvement.

Ryu Combos


  • Series Debut: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
  • Fighting Styles: Mix of Russian and American Pro Wrestling

The Russian "Red Cyclone" is still inspired to push his body to its very limits via extensive workouts and simultaneously help his students do the very same.

Zangief Combos

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