The Seven Best Wordle Derivatives


Wordle, the word guessing game that has seared the word knoll into my brain forever, has become such a common phenomenon that it’s not even especially notable anymore. It’s been subsumed into daily life (and into the New York Times), becoming an unlikely piece of mainstream popular culture. In Wordle’s wake, a wave of imitators has emerged who have grafted a wide variety of premises onto the familiar Wordle format. Here are the best Wordle imitators and where you can find them.

Hello Wordl:

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Hello Wordl

A more customizable version of Wordle, Hello Wordl allows you to set the length of the word you’re guessing and play an unlimited number of times.


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Just about anybody can figure out a five-letter word. Only real heads can guess two five-letter words. As such, Dordle is Wordle, but two at the same time; instead of having six guesses to identify one word, you play two simultaneous games of Wordle and have seven attempts to figure it out. In case the daily Dordle isn't enough, there's an unlimited practice mode as well.


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If Dordle is still too easy, Quordle could be more your speed. Whereas Dordle is merely two Wordles at once, Quordle ups the number to four; you have nine chances to solve the four answers. Additionally, the answers tend to be obscure and arcane compared to Wordle’s more standard fare, ratcheting the difficulty up even more. Like Dordle, there's both the daily Quordle and a practice mode.


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Heardle is Wordle, but for music. With each incorrect guess (you get up to six tries), more of the song is revealed. For the most part, the songs are mercifully mainstream.


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Named after San Antonio Spurs center Jakob Poeltl, Poeltl is the NBA-themed version of Wordle. In this one, you guess basketball players and are given clues based on the age, height, position, jersey number and team of your previous guesses. 


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In Worldle, you guess countries, with small hints on the country’s shape and place in the world relative to your previous guesses. 


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Rather than trying to discover a word based on its letters, Semantle asks you to find the word based on its vibe. With artificial intelligence rating the general mood of the word relative to other words (i.e. "happy" is close to "glad" or "play" but far from "sad" or "desk"), you have unlimited guesses to ID the right choice.

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