Emerging Artist Abhir Hathi Talks Through His Creative Process

The artist from Spain talks his debut, the current music scene, and more

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On this week’s Monday to Monday, host Mike Boyd welcomes rising artist Abhir Hathi. Signed to Slowly records, the young musician is gaining buzz now and was recently featured in People Magazine. Lazos y Nudos is truly a dynamic album with songs like “Una Bala Con Mi Nombre” showing off his R&B side, and “Big Dawg Freestyle” tapping into his rapping abilities. Riding high on the success, Abhir checked in with Boyd to give an update on everything going on in his world right now.

Abhir kicks it all off talking a bit about his recording process, which always starts at his home in Madrid. “I use my studio hours to arrange and record finals, but I always record the demos at home or with a friend,” he tells Boyd before giving more insight into how he divides his studio time. “I use my studio time very consciously. I’m the lone writer, so I write at home most of the time before taking it to the studio. The magic will happen in the studio, but it won’t be composition magic. It’s more of an arrangement/production magic. That is how I enjoy working. I like going into the studio and having the bar set to just work on my material.”

Drawing a good amount of his early inspiration and lessons from his grandfather, Abhir continues to carry those same lessons years later as he rises in his career. “My grandfather always told me that inspiration hits people that have a pen in their hand more, and that impacted me. If you have your pen, things will come to you because you will be in that space longer. All of the musicians and writers I know have a Whatsapp chat with themselves. My Whatsapp always starts with the same chat where I shoot my voice to remember melodies and ideas. Documenting those things and using it for inspiration is priceless and translates to money. If the idea is good and you are able to start or continue a song, it makes the song sound richer.”

Boyd and Abhir covered so much more during their conversation, including more on Abhir’s debut album. You can listen to the full interview above, and follow Abhir on Instagram and Twitter.

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