Ari Elkins on New Live Spotify Podcast, Playlisting and More

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Who is Ari Elkins?

Ari Elkins is no stranger to our pages here at ONE37pm. He was recently mentioned in our article about 'TikTok and Music's Ever-Growing Relationship' for his contribution to the TikTok curation space.

In the time since the article, he's made some big moves. The 21 year-old TikTok curator graduated from Michigan, along with scoring a new Spotify Live show: 'Soundtrack Your Life.'

In the first episode of 'Soundtrack Your Life,' Ari is joined by Quinn XCII, Ashe, and Conor Wood. They work together to curate for an optimal morning wake-up.

In episode two, Ari is joined by Charli Jordan, Chelsea Cutler, and Emma Brooks. They discuss a topic that we've come to love here at ONE37pm - music and mental health, which we discussed in-depth with Elina Brown from Headspace. This second episode shows off the breadth of topics that can be discussed in this unique new format.

In the time since Ari started curating on TikTok, many other playlisters have emerged on the platform. However, he's managed to somehow keep a leg up on everybody, especially after inking this partnership with Spotify for a live podcast. This idea for the show's theme is brilliant; as time goes on, Ari will surely never run out of ideas or guests. There's so much ground to cover, and there's nobody better suited to cover it.

Equally as impressive as his accomplishments thus far is the well-executed balance of school and his career. Now that he's done with school, it's gonna be very interesting to see just how much he'll be putting out on a regular basis. Ari has been building the strongest possible foundation for a long-lasting career in an ever-evolving space. He's well-versed with music, he's creative, and more than most - he's adaptive to the changes happening around him on socials.

We sat down with Ari Elkins to discuss these major milestones and more. Check out the interview for yourself in the link below.

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