Ranking the Top 10 Christmas Albums of All Time

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With the holidays right around the corner, there's no better time to start talking about the best Christmas albums ever. Christmas music is a timeless tradition that fills the air with familiar tunes, igniting the spirit of the season in everyone's hearts. Whether it's the classics that take you back to the hidden corners of your childhood memories or the modern renditions that bring a fresh twist to the holidays, Christmas music is an essential part of celebrating the season. Through the years, artists from every genre have lent their voices to this holiday tradition, giving us a wealth of musical gifts to enjoy. After immersing ourselves in jingles and carols, we've compiled a definitive list of the best Christmas albums of all time. Each of these albums stands out for its unique flavor, nostalgia, and ability to bring the magic of Christmas to life. So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up by the fire, and let's dive into the melodies that make the holidays truly special.

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10. 'Under the Mistletoe' by Justin Bieber

Year Released: 2011

9. 'A Pentatonix Christmas' by Pentatonix

Year Released: 2016

8. 'Christmas' by Michael Bublé

Year Released: 2011

7. 'Noël' by Josh Groban

Year Released: 2007

6. 'These Are Special Times' by Celine Dion

Year Released: 1998

5. 'Merry Christmas' by Mariah Carey

Year Released: 1994

4. 'The Christmas Song' by Nat King Cole

Year Released: 1963

3. 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' by Vince Guaraldi Trio

Year Released: 1965

2. 'Elvis' Christmas Album' by Elvis Presley

Year Released: 1957

1. 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer" by Gene Autry

Year Released: 1949

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