The Best 50 Cent Albums Ranked from Worst to Best

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We already told you that 50 Cent is a king of content. But let’s not forget that the first realm he conquered was music. The Grammy nominated rap superstar was a juggernaut in his prime. The entertainer easily had one of the most dominant runs in hip-hop history. At the height of his music career, 50 Cent albums and songs not only topped the charts, they broke records.

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50 Cent didn’t just make hits. He made timeless records. Songs he released in the early 2000s can still get a birthday party started in 2023. He was such a hit factory that he was able to give out super successful hits to other artists. The Game’s No. 1 hits “How We Do” and “Hate It Or Love It” were originally intended for 50’s sophomore album, The Massacre.

50 Cent became one of the highest selling rappers ever with the release of his first three albums. His albums were responsible for record-breaking first week sales, even when he lost a sales battle to Ye.

Known for his undeniable talent, boss moves, captivating storytelling and unapologetic demeanor, 50 Cent is an iconic figure in pop culture. With an impressive discography spanning over two decades, he has released several albums and mixtapes that have left an indelible mark on hip-hop.

Although his run wasn’t that long, in hindsight, his musical legacy is beyond cemented. His influence transcends generations. Newer breakthrough artists from Lil Durk to Lil Tjay to 6ix9ine to Pop Smoke have tapped in with and showed love to 50 for his impact.

And 50 Cent is still active. Before announcing his forthcoming Final Lap Tour— which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut albumGet Rich or Die Tryin', 50 revealed that he’s been contemplating getting back in the studio.

We aren't sure what’s next for 50 Cent, but we do know he has released some huge albums, but what’s his best album? Is it up for debate? Here we rank 50 Cent albums from worst to best.

9. 'The Big 10'

8. 'The Lost Tape'

7. 'Before I Self-Destruct'

6. 'The Kanan Tape'

5. 'Curtis'

4. 'Guess Who's Back?'

3. 'The Massacre'

2. 'Power of the Dollar'

1. 'Get Rich or Die Tryin''

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