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The J. Cole feature has been an interesting point of conversation over the years in hip-hop. Despite signing with Roc Nation in 2009, J. Cole was pretty independent with how he handled himself and that mentality seemingly shifted to how he handled appearing on other people’s songs. For years, there were just a few artists he’d collaborated with.

Now though, he’s branched out and collaborated with dozens and dozens of different artists. This change in mindset came because of an epiphany he had. He wanted to get out of his comfort zone. During his Applying Pressure documentary that came out before The Off-Season, he walked people through his process of thought.

“Do you really wanna look back and be like ‘you didn’t work with nobody’? You didn’t have no songs with nobody, you just cool with that? No. Okay. So start saying yes to some features.” The result of that has been one of the better feature runs ever seen in the genre. As a result, the conversation has shifted from Cole never appearing on other people’s songs, to deciding which of his recent collabs are the best J. Cole features.

What sets Cole apart as a features artist is not just his technical skill but his ability to seamlessly blend into diverse sonic landscapes. Whether he's trading verses with rap heavyweights or harmonizing with R&B maestros, he maintains an unwavering authenticity. He can tap into any topic, from societal issues to personal reflections to the nuances of fame effortlessly.

We’ve decided to list out what we think the best J. Cole features are. We've sorted through songs with Jay-Z, Summer Walker, 21 Savage, Drake, Lil Wayne, Janet Jackson and many others to deliver the best of the best J. Cole features. Songs that made the cut are not only the best J. Cole features ever. They also feature some of the best Cole verses ever. Check it out below, the 39 best J. Cole features ever.

39. "First Person Shooter"

38. "Stressed"

37. "All My Life"

36. "The Secret Recipe"

35. "To Summer, From Cole (Audio Hug)"

34. "The London"

33. "All I Want Is You"

32. "Sojourner"

31. "A Star Is Born"

30. "Planez"

29. "How Did I Get Here"

28. "Bad Girls Club"

27. "Trippy"

26. "Say Na"


24. "Party"

23. "Cold Blood"

22. "There I Go"

21. "TKO (Remix)"

20. "Sacrifices"

19. "Raggamuffin (Remix)"

18. "Pretty Little Fears"

17. "Pray"

16. "Oh Wow… Swerve"

15. Off Deez"

14. "No Sleeep"

13. "My Boy"

12. "Mama Told Me"

11. "Looking For Trouble"

10. "LONDON"

9. "Knock Tha Hustle (Remix)"

8. "Just Begun"

7. "Johnny P’s Caddy"

6. "Jodeci Freestyle"

5. "Green Ranger"

4. "Boblo Boat"

3. "Beautiful Bliss"

2. "American Dream"

1. "a lot"

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