The 8 Best NBA Youngboy Albums, Ranked

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Let's talk about the best NBA Youngboy albums. Over the years, the music industry has seen the rise of many talented individuals, each possessing unique attributes that make them stand out from the crowd. One of those talented individuals is NBA Youngboy. With an explosive career marked by an impressive catalogue, NBA Youngboy has built a reputation for his distinctive style that blends hard-edged street narratives with emotive confessionals. As we dive into the discography of this Baton Rouge native, we will be ranking 8 of NBA Youngboy's countless projects from worst to best.

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8. 'Still Flexin, Still Steppin' (2020)

Coming in at the bottom of our list is Still Flexin, Still Steppin. This album, while still showcasing Youngboy's raw and unfiltered style, feels like a slight letdown compared to his earlier works. Although it does have some standout tracks like "Fine By Time" and "Bad Bad", it lacks the emotional depth and compelling storytelling that are hallmarks of Youngboy's best work. However, the album's production quality and the rapper's energetic performance still make it worth a listen.

7. '38 Baby 2' (2020)

38 Baby 2 served as a sequel to Youngboy's breakout mixtape, but it didn't quite capture the same magic. While the album shows off his flow and lyrical prowess on tracks like "Ain't Easy" and "Bout My Business", it lacks consistency. Some songs feel redundant, and the album doesn't quite cohere into a unified piece. Nevertheless, it still has moments that showcase why Youngboy has become such a force in the industry.

6. 'AI Youngboy 2' (2019)

With AI Youngboy 2, Youngboy continued to establish his name in the music scene. The album possesses a set of bangers, including "Make No Sense" and "Lonely Child", which became fan favorites. While this album has more hits than misses, it's still not as polished or cohesive as some of his later works. Still, AI Youngboy 2 stands as a clear signpost of his raw talent and potential.

5. 'Top' (2020)

Top demonstrated a more polished approach to Youngboy's music. It scored his third number one album on the Billboard 200 and with good reason. With guest appearances from legends like Snoop Dogg on the track "Callin", and hit singles like "All In" and "Kacey Talk", it showcased his versatility and depth. However, the album's extensive length resulted in some filler tracks, pushing it down a bit on this list.

4. 'Until Death Call My Name' (2018)

This album showcased NBA Youngboy's potential early in his career. Tracks like "Overdose" and "Preach" effectively spotlighted his storytelling abilities, delivering a blend of street tales and emotional narratives. However, while it was a strong display of his talent, it still fell short of the excellence he would achieve in later projects.

3. 'Master The Day Of Judgement' (2018)

Master The Day Of Judgement saw Youngboy blending his aggressive delivery with introspective lyrics. With its conciseness and raw energy, the album displayed a maturity in his songwriting and sound. Highlights include "Over" and "Get Right," which illustrate Youngboy's compelling lyricism and dynamic delivery.

2. 'AI Youngboy' (2017)

Coming in at number two on our list of NBA Youngboy albums is AI Youngboy, a mixtape that many consider a seminal work in his discography. This album captures NBA Youngboy's essence, showcasing his narrative prowess and undeniable charisma. The breakout hit "Untouchable" and the reflective "No Smoke" are perfect examples of Youngboy's ability to balance his street edge with a surprising vulnerability, offering a complete package that resonates with fans.

1. 'Until I Return' (2020)

At the pinnacle of our list of NBA Youngboy albums is Until I Return. This album finds Youngboy at his most introspective, providing a well-rounded showcase of his abilities. The track "White Teeth" displays his knack for creating catchy hooks, while "Walking Dead" showcases his impressive lyrical prowess. Balancing street narratives with personal revelations, Until I Return stands as NBA Youngboy's most fully realized project to date.

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