The 9 Best Music Curators on TikTok

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Ari Elkins / Occupied Living / Masked Mortal / Mike McLaughlin (ONE37pm)

Music curators -- good ones, at least, are hard to come by.

It's no exception for the curators on TikTok, but don't worry, we've got you covered.


TikTok has made some major waves since its introduction to the The short-form video app has become a sensation with people of all ages, thanks in part to its addictive format and creative content.

The music industry has adapted alongside TikTok, and as a result, video creators are serving a very similar role to some of your favorite music blogs from the 2010's.

We had a chance to talk to some of the best music curators on TikTok, and got to learn about their respective journeys and approaches.

1. Ari Elkins

Ari Elkins has taken music curation on TikTok further than anybody else; he's partnered with Spotify for a live music show. On the show, he features notable guests and works with them to curate playlists together.

As if that's not impressive enough, you've gotta see his videos (and how they've performed since his early start).

2. Masked Mortal

Masked Mortal is a music super-fan with a knack for branding. It's not hard to separate him from the rest of his competition, as he's always sporting his trademark ski mask with "Mortal" written across the top.

Masked Mortal's brand goes way beyond just what headwear he's wearing. There's not too many music fans on TikTok with his level of knowledge. Plus, isn't it a huge bonus to see someone so friendly rocking something you'd expect to see on a bank robber?

3. Jarred Jermaine

Jarred Jermaine is one of the best at what he does. His passion for music is made abundantly clear in his content. It doesn't even take meeting him to understand just how thorough his passion is. All you have to do is watch his videos.

If Jarred is making about something music-related in the past, or something current, one thing is for sure: he will dive deeper than just about anybody else. He works hard to find low-key information, and makes even the biggest music heads feel behind. He's far from your average TikTok creator.

4. Syspence

Syspence is a great storyteller, and has got his visual aesthetic down-pat. He makes TikTok video creation look easy; rest assured, it is not.

If you're looking for a deeper look into some of the best buzzing music, interviews with up-and-comers, or you just want to stay in tune, Syspence has exactly the sort of content you're looking for.

5. Nicolas Nuvan

Nicolas Nuvan is no stranger to the ONE37pm pages. He recently was covered for his viral moment unknowingly interviewing Travis Scott's mom on the street in New Orleans.

Nicolas is a different type of TikTok curator than everybody else on this list; he reflects the taste of the public through on-the-street interviews. This approach gives music fans a super in-depth look at what is actually being listened to across the U.S.

6. Occupied Living

Occupied Living is sitting at over half-a-million followers on TikTok, and it is absolutely no coincidence.

Even if he had a horrible music taste, it'd still be tempting to watch his videos, solely for the entertaining visuals. He's really talented at editing ,and it shows. Lucky for music fans, he's got a superior taste, which only adds to the overall quality that his video skills set the stage for.

7. Sir Michelangelo

Sir Michelangelo content is built for music-heads. Seriously.

He's not just a great storyteller, he's a top-notch curator. This is largely thanks to his blatant adoration for the art form of music. You know how hard it is to not yawn when you see someone yawning? That's exactly what it's like watching Sir Michelangelo's TikTok content and doing your best to not be overly enthusiastic.

8. Bobby Hendrickson

Bobby Hendrickson will likely be your favorite TikTok music curator if you consider yourself a fan of EDM/electronic music.

He's got a very wide knowledge of this corner of the music scene, whether it's up-and-comers or the very best established acts. It never gets old watching his TikTok videos, and it makes a lot of sense why. He's not just an entertainer, he's a natural.

9. DJ Gallixc

DJ Gallixc makes videos that feel like you're getting into an in-depth music discussion with one of your closest friends.

His content is both fun and informative, and celebrates the joy of listening to music. Regardless of genre, era, or any other traditional differentiators of music, DJ Gallixc has you covered on TikTok.


From popular hits to underground anthems, there's something for everyone on TikTok. And thanks to the hard work of the app's music curators, you can be sure that there's always new tunes to discover. So next time you're scrolling through your feed, take a moment to appreciate the amazing curation work that goes into making TikTok such a special place.

These 9 curators are largely responsible for the app's biggest music waves.

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