15 Best Sad Rap Songs Ever Released

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If you're going through it, there's nothing quite like sad rap songs to commiserate with your favorite artists. The world of rap is vast and diverse, often tapping into deep emotions and stories that resonate with listeners worldwide. Among these, sad rap songs hold a special place, offering a raw, introspective look into the struggles and pains of life. Here, we dive into the 15 best sad rap songs ever released; these tracks not only showcase the lyrical prowess of their artists but also serve as cathartic outlets for those who find solace in their words.

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15. Jay-Z - "Song Cry"

14. XXXTentacion - "Jocelyn Flores"

13. Eminem - "Mockingbird"

12. Lil Peep - "Star Shopping"

11. Kendrick Lamar - "u"

10. Logic - "1-800-273-8255"

9. Mac Miller - "Good News"

8. J. Cole - "Love Yourz"

7. Drake - "Marvin's Room"

6. Childish Gambino - "Urn"

5. Outkast - "Ms. Jackson"

4. Kid Cudi - "The Prayer"

3. Tupac Shakur - "Dear Mama"

2. Kanye West - "Runaway"

1. Eminem - "Stan"

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