The 15 Best City Girls Songs Out Right Now

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Let's talk about the very best City Girls songs out at the moment. This Miami-based hip-hop duo has taken the music world by storm with their unabashedly confident lyrics and energetic beats. Yung Miami and JT's rise to fame has been nothing short of meteoric, and their music has left an indelible mark on the industry. In this article, we'll delve into the 15 best City Girls songs that showcase their unique sound and undeniable talent.

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15. City Girls - "Good Love (feat. Usher)"

In "Good Love," City Girls teamed up with R&B legend Usher to create a sultry, seductive track that showcases a different side of the duo. Its smooth production and romantic lyrics make it a standout track in their discography, proving that City Girls are capable of conquering just about any musical genre.

14. City Girls - "Flewed Out (feat. Lil Baby)"

"Flewed Out," featuring Lil Baby, is a smooth, melodic track that highlights City Girls' versatility as artists. Its laid-back production and catchy hook make it an enjoyable listen, while the duo's undeniable chemistry with Lil Baby adds a layer of depth to the song's overall appeal.

13. City Girls - "That's My Bitch"

"That's My Bitch" is a fierce, loyalty-driven anthem that celebrates strong friendships and unwavering support. The song's captivating beat and memorable chorus make it a fan favorite, while its empowering message resonates with listeners who value loyalty and sisterhood.

12. City Girls - "JT First Day Out"

"JT First Day Out" is a triumphant track that marked JT's return to music after her release from prison. The song's raw, honest lyrics and powerful delivery showcase her resilience and determination, making it a standout track that further solidifies the duo's place in the hip-hop world.

11. City Girls - "Millionaire Dick"

"Millionaire Dick" is a fun, tongue-in-cheek track that showcases City Girls' signature sass and confidence. Its lively beat and playful lyrics make it an irresistible addition to their catalog, while its unapologetic attitude continues to define the duo's unique sound and appeal.

10. City Girls - "Broke N*ggas (feat. Yo Gotti)"

"Broke N*ggas" is a bold and assertive track from City Girls and Yo Gotti that emphasizes the importance of financial stability and self-reliance. Its catchy hook and powerful verses make it an unforgettable listening experience, while its strong message resonates with fans who appreciate the duo's ambitious and independent spirit.

9. City Girls - "Take Yo Man"

"Take Yo Man" is a provocative track that showcases City Girls' fearlessness and unapologetic attitude. The song's catchy hook and playful lyrics create a fun listening experience, while its message of confidence and self-empowerment serves as a reminder to always know your worth.

8. City Girls - "Not Ya Main"

In "Not Ya Main," City Girls remind listeners of their worth and individuality. The track's memorable hook and powerful message of self-assurance make it a go-to for those seeking a confidence boost. Its strong beat and catchy chorus further cement the song's status as an empowering anthem.

7. City Girls - "Pussy Talk (feat. Doja Cat)"

Teaming up with the talented Doja Cat, "Pussy Talk" is a confident, female empowerment anthem that showcases the duo's ability to collaborate with other strong artists. The catchy beat and assertive lyrics create a captivating listening experience that empowers women to own their sexuality and exude confidence.

6. City Girls - "Come Outside"

"Come Outside" is a playful and energetic track that invites listeners to join the party and have a good time. Its lively beat and irresistible hook make it a fan favorite, while its lighthearted lyrics showcase City Girls' ability to create fun and engaging music without sacrificing their signature edge.

5. City Girls - "Season (feat. Lil Baby)"

In "Season," City Girls teamed up once again with Lil Baby to create a melodic track that showcases their undeniable chemistry. The song explores the ups and downs of relationships, with both artists delivering memorable verses that complement each other perfectly. Its smooth production and relatable theme make "Season" a standout track in their discography. Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite City Girls songs.

4. City Girls - "Where the Bag At"

With "Where the Bag At," City Girls deliver a captivating tune that emphasizes the importance of financial security and self-reliance. The song's catchy chorus and infectious beat make it a dancefloor favorite, while its message of empowerment resonates with listeners who share the duo's ambitious mindset.

3. City Girls - "Jobs"

Next up on our list of the best City Girls songs is "Jobs." This particular bop highlights City Girls' fierce independence and ambition. The song encourages listeners to hustle for their own success and make money without relying on anyone else. Its catchy hook and dynamic beat make "Jobs" a favorite among fans who appreciate the duo's work ethic and tenacity.

2. City Girls - "Twerk (feat. Cardi B)"

At the number two spot on our list of the best City Girls songs is a unique collaboration with Cardi B. The chemistry behind "Twerk" resulted in an explosive hit that celebrates the art of twerking. The song's lively rhythm and provocative lyrics make it an irresistible dance track, while its iconic music video further solidifies its status as a modern-day classic.

1. City Girls - "Act Up"

Finally, at the number one spot on our list, we've got arguably the most iconic of all City Girls songs, "Act Up." It's undoubtedly the quintessential City Girls anthem that put the duo on the map. This infectious track, with its brash lyrics and catchy beat, embodies the group's unapologetic attitude and assertiveness. A staple at parties and clubs, "Act Up" has become a battle cry for those looking to let loose and embrace their inner fierceness. Try going to the club just once without hearing this song - you'll never be able to. That's all for our list on the best City Girls songs. Stay tuned for even more notable music stories from the ONE37pm team.

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