15 Lil Baby Quotes Worth Running Back

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Lil Baby quotes are everywhere on the internet: from his lyrics to his iconic interviews, it's not hard to come across some impressive bars from the legendary Atlanta talent. In this article, we'll be going through the 15 most iconic Lil Baby quotes worth running back, so prepare yourself to be entertained.

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15. "I'm my only competition. I can't lose." - Lil Baby

Lil Baby is one of the smartest rappers out there, and it's made apparent in his lyrics and other quotes. This particular quote is a testament to his work ethic and winning perspective in like. It's no coincidence he's come this far.

14. "I'm a rapper, but I'm more of a hustler." - Lil Baby

Lil Baby was brought into the rap game by Young Thug, on the heels of him being known in Atlanta as a hustler. Even after his seasoned rap career, the hustling side of him hasn't gone anywhere.

13. "Whatever you do, don't lose yourself." - Lil Baby

Lil Baby to this day has kept his identity in check, not changing his ways for anybody or anything, which is something most rappers can't say they've done. He's kept it genuine throughout his whole journey, and he's stayed true to himself.

12. "Moving different because I need different." - Lil Baby

Lil Baby knows a lot about life, and it's blatantly apparent in both his music and interviews. Take this quote, for example: Baby knows you get out of things exactly what you put into them.

11. "Live life to the fullest. Nothing is promised." - Lil Baby

As you may already know, there is nothing guaranteed in life, and Lil Baby is clearly aware of that notion. He's continued to live his life in a way that he can proudly look back on, and he's wise for that.

10. "Thank God I ain't been broke in a while." - Lil Baby

Song: "Forget That"

Coming from where he comes from, Lil Baby doesn't take anything for granted while he's posted at the top. He made that abundantly clear in his song, "Forget That," with these very lyrics.

9. "Work hard and determined, it's safe to say I earned it." - Lil Baby

Song: "Woah"

Lil Baby turned his life into a success story, taking things one thing at a time, and making intelligent decisions from the start of his career until now. It is pretty safe to say he's earned the life he lives right now.

8. "I ain't changed. I stayed the same and maintained." - Lil Baby

Song: "Heatin Up"

As he makes clear in his lyrics, Lil Baby is proud of the way he's stayed the same while the world around him is changing. As he becomes more and more famous and successful, he's still the very same person that he was before he started rapping.

7. "I just like to hear laughter, tryna ease all this pain." - Lil Baby

Song: "Same Thing"

Lil Baby is no stranger to pain, and he knows exactly what is the right fix for it. As this particular lyric states, he loves the sound of laughter, and apparently wants more of it.

6. "Started with a penny, now it's racked up to a million." - Lil Baby

Song: "We Should"

Lil Baby is a true inspiration to countless people around the world. He started with next-to-nothing, and has grown that into a story of victory - just like he describes in his song, "We Should."

5. "I put bustdowns on the whole gang, we gon' shine together." - Lil Baby

Song: "Forever"

Lil Baby is a man of the people, but first and foremost, he's a man of his people. Just as much as he's considering himself in his approach to life, he's looking around himself and taking care of those who mean a lot to him.

4. "I ain't doing too bad, I'm somebody, you can Google me." - Lil Baby

Song: "Same Thing"

In his song, "Same Thing," Lil Baby talks about how he's grown to be a very recognizable figure in the world. It's true - think about if you were to show a random person a picture of him; chances are, they'd know exactly who he is.

3. "I'm really a millionaire, still in the projects." - Lil Baby

Song: "Baby"

As he describes in his song, "Baby," Lil Baby has stayed close to home in his successful journey. He doesn't forget where he comes from, and holds his hometown in a very dear place in his heart, evidently.

2. "It's a cold world, so my house in Miami still came with a fireplace." - Lil Baby

Song: "Forever"

Just as Lil Baby explains in his song, "Forever," it really is a cold world out there. He makes a joke of this as he says that his home in Miami came with a fireplace for that exact reason.

1. "I'm straight as the street, man I came from the pavement." - Lil Baby

Song: "Yes Indeed"

Lil Baby quotes are a dime a dozen - he's got so many that stand out, so we had to pick the very best of the best. This one in particular is from his song with Drake, "Yes Indeed." He talks about how he's doing well in life, while alluding to where he comes from. He does it in a poetic fashion, which his fans have come accustomed to.

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