Everything You Need to Know About Corite, A Brand New Music Platform To Watch

We spoke to Rico Love, WifeyBaby, and CEO Mattias Tengblad about the platform

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The music industry is one that is constantly evolving, and fan-funded record label Corite is a new unique spin on artist and fan interactions, and mega-producer, Rico Love (who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Usher, Kelly Rowland, Pop Smoke, and more) has partnered with the company to release his latest project Rico Love Presents, which will consist of six up-and-coming artists releasing separate 3-track EPs. Rico Love Presents will also launch Corite's blockchain platform and see the release of exclusive NFTs tied to the project.

We spoke with Corite Founder and CEO Mattias Tengblad, as well as Rico Love, and his artist WifeyBaby to learn more about Corite, and their plans for 2022 and beyond.

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ONE37pm: Great to connect with you Mattias! How did you develop the concept of Corite?

Tengblad: It all started with the concept of Corite being a global distribution product that is a necessity for all artists. Corite focuses on the power of the fans, and it is essentially a fan-funded record label. Something that I realized during my time working in esports is just how important fans can be when it comes to success in that area, and how it was something that could be applied to the music industry. So much of the industry is about using streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, but there is no real communication with fans, and this is something that we feel makes Corite different for middle-class musicians.

ONE37pm: Rico Love is the first project with his latest effort  Rico Love Presents. How has that been working with him?

Tengblad: It’s been such a beautiful project with Rico. He has this independent mindset, and he helps a lot of his artists with his knowledge and confidence. The album is going to have 18 songs with three different artists, and we’re just getting started! We’re working on developing the next level of Corite which is going to include an NFT blockchain feature. NFT’s are the newest buzzword, and we started learning about them a year ago. It’s going to be the best technology for artists and fans.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Rico Love and his artist WifeyBaby about being a part of the Corite team.

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Rico Love / Rico Love

ONE37pm: Congratulations on joining the Corite team! You have such a storied career in the music industry. What attracted you the most about Corite?

Rico Love: I think the concept of Corite is extremely innovative in terms of the relationship between fans and artists. There’s a lot of partnerships and funding, and Corite presents the opportunity to get paid as a fan. We actually reached out to the Corite team because we felt it was an incredible platform that provides innovative ways to break artists.

ONE37pm: WifeyBaby, how has it been being an artist on the Corite platform?

WifeyBaby: It’s been very exciting having a team around you that allows you the opportunity to just focus on doing the work. I’ve grown a lot since becoming a part of Corite, and again that goes back to having people around me that takes care of everything so I can just focus on being an artist.

ONE37pm: What do you guys think of the NFT space and what Corite is doing in that regard?

Rico Love: I’m still in the process of learning and understanding the Crypto space myself so that way I can better educate my artists. I look at it as a long-term investment, and a new cool thing to do that everyone is going to use. It’s brilliant, and I’m learning, absorbing, and filtering all of the information I learn so that way I can pass it down.

For more on Corite be sure to check out their official website and follow them on Instagram.

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