The 25 Best Jermaine Dupri Produced Songs of All Time

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There are plenty of top-notch Jermaine Dupri produced songs out there, and we decided to take 25 of the absolute best to share with you. You wouldn't believe just how impactful his work in the music space has been to date. Decade after decade, he's proven his undying ability and dedication to making incredible music. Without further ado, let's get to it.

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25. Star Cast - "I Want You"

To kick off our list of 25 of the best Jermaine Dupri produced songs, let's start with Star Cast's hit song, "I Want You." It's a classic, and that's largely thanks to Jermaine Dupri himself.

24. Kris Kross - "Jump"

Next up on our list is Kris Kross' hit song, "Jump." This song is the group's most-streamed song on Spotify, with over 150 million streams, and it's truly no coincidence.

23. H.E.R. - "Slide"

At the number 23 spot on our list of Jermaine Dupri produced songs is H.E.R.'s hit song, "Slide." Both the original and the remix (featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Chris Brown) are each nearing the 200 million stream mark on Spotify.

22. Mariah Carey - "Always Be My Baby"

Mariah Carey made a habit of linking with Jermaine Dupri for her production, and you can see why. He's a certified hitmaker, and "Always Be My Baby" was just another notch on his belt.

21. Ghost Town DJ's - "My Boo"

One thing you'll notice about more obscure artists who've gotten production from Jermaine Dupri is that his work for them is almost always their top performing track. Such is the case for Ghost Town DJ's and their song "My Boo."

20. Migos - "New Atlanta"

Jermaine Dupri linked up with the Migos, and they cooked up an incredibly memorable song, "New Atlanta." Are you noticing a trend here in this list?

19. Bow Wow - "Basketball"

Remember the movie Like Mike? Well, the main song on the soundtrack was a smash hit, and that was largely thanks to the unique chemistry of Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri.

18. Jay-Z - "Fallin'"

Jay-Z is one of Jermaine Dupri's most frequent collaborators, and it's no surprise why. Whenever these two get together, expect greatness - and nothing less.


On a more modern note, Jermaine Dupri linked up with BROCKHAMPTON on their remix for the song "SUGAR." It's crazy to see just how much value he adds to every single record he's on.

16. Bow Wow - "Like You"

Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri's connection doesn't stop at the song "Basketball." "Like You" is yet another hit track the two artists worked on together, and it proved to be a big success.

15. Nelly - "Grillz"

Next up on our list is Nelly and his song "Grillz." Nelly made the smart music business move of working with Jermaine Dupri at the right time in his career, and it surely paid off.

14. TLC - "My Life"

At the number 14 spot on our list is TLC with their song "My Life." This hit was stamped by Jermaine Dupri, and still remains on listeners' radar to this day.

13. The Isley Brothers - "Gotta Be With You"

Jermaine Dupri also connected with the legendary Isley Brothers, and of course they made an absolute classic. When legends link, what else would you expect?

12. Usher - "Confessions Part II"

Another one of the more frequent collaborators of Jermaine Dupri is Usher. You'll see his name a lot on this list, and "Confessions Part II" is just the start.

11. Usher - "Confessions Part I"

Just like we mentioned on the previous spot, you'll be seeing plenty of Usher on this list of Jermaine Dupri produced songs. They don't just collaborate - they make certified hits every single time.

10. Summer Walker and Usher - "Come Thru"

In yet another Usher and Jermaine Dupri collab, and a unique one at that, the iconic duo linked up with Summer Walker and gave her a classic feel for her song, "Come Thru."

9. Cam'Ron - "Rockin' and Rollin'"

Cam'Ron is yet another one of Jermaine Dupri's notable collaborators. He really made a wave that had some of the premier artists of all time flocking to work with him.

8. Jay-Z - "Success"

At the number 8 spot on our list of Jermaine Dupri produced songs is Jay-Z (again) with his song, "Success." Just like the title of the song says, it proved to be a winner.

7. Tyga - "Switch Lanes"

Another more modern artist who connected with the legendary producer is Tyga for his song "Switch Lanes" with The Game. As you'd expect, Jermaine Dupri pulled through for them and gave them plenty to work with.

6. Drake - "November 18th"

Drake's memorable track, "November 18th" was produced by none other than Jermaine Dupri, and it makes total sense. Take a listen back and consider just how influential this beat-maker is in the modern music scene.

5. Usher and Alicia Keys - "My Boo"

At the number five spot on our list, we've got Usher and Alicia Keys with their classic track, "My Boo." Is anybody else wondering what is so special about Usher and Jermaine Dupri's relationship that gives them this unmatched chemistry?

4. Usher - "Burn"

The last Usher song you'll see on this list of Jermaine Dupri produced songs is "Burn," which is yet another classic song that the duo added to their catalog. With hit after hit, the duo just never took their foot off the gas.

3. Chris Brown - "Loyal"

Chris Brown connected with Jermaine Dupri to make their collaborative track, "Loyal." It proved to be yet another success for both of the legendary talents.

2. Mariah Carey - "We Belong Together"

As we near the end of our list, we've got Mariah Carey's smash-hit "We Belong Together." This was one of Mariah's most memorable songs ever, and that's really saying something if you consider just how prolific her catalog of music is.

1. Bryson Tiller - "Don't"

At the number one spot on our list of Jermaine Dupri produced songs is Bryson Tiller and his hit song "Don't." This song made Bryson Tiller a household name, while it only further cemented the legendary status of Jermaine Dupri. Look as hard as you want, you won't find another producer who's made as much of an impact in the culture than Jermaine Dupri - and for more than 30 years, nonetheless.

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