Juice WRLD: Most Popular Songs and Leaks

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Today, we're introducing our latest list, 'Juice WRLD: Most Popular Songs and Leaks.' We'll be revealing his 9 best songs and leaks, in lieu of his affinity to the number 9. Juice WRLD, a rising superstar in the hip-hop scene, was tragically taken from us far too soon. His blend of melodic hooks and emotionally charged lyrics resonated with fans worldwide. Despite his untimely passing, Juice WRLD's music continues to live on and inspire. Side note - as we journey through his most prolific drops, you'll notice just how influential Cole Bennett was in Juice's career. Let's dive into it.

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9. "Run"

First up on our list of 'Juice WRLD: Most Popular Songs and Leaks' is a very special leak, "Run." In this energetic leak, Juice WRLD touches on themes of escapism and the desire to outrun one's problems and demons.

8. "Let Me Know (I Wonder Why Freestyle)"

This freestyle demonstrates Juice WRLD's impressive talent as a lyricist, as he contemplates life and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

7. "Wishing Well"

In this heartbreakingly honest song, Juice WRLD opens up about his struggles with mental health and addiction, pleading for help in a world that feels increasingly bleak.

6. "Armed and Dangerous"

"Armed and Dangerous" showcases Juice WRLD's ability to create catchy, upbeat songs while still addressing serious topics, like the dangers of fame.

5. "Lean Wit Me"

In this haunting track, Juice WRLD addresses the dark side of drug addiction and the toll it can take on one's life.

4. "Bandit" (ft. NBA YoungBoy)

This collaboration with NBA YoungBoy finds both artists rapping about their fast lifestyles and the challenges that come with success.

3. "Robbery"

"Robbery" is an emotional ballad that explores the complexities of love and how it can feel like a robbery of one's heart, further demonstrating Juice WRLD's lyrical prowess.

2. "All Girls Are The Same"

In this introspective and melancholic track, Juice WRLD reflects on past relationships and the pain they've caused, showcasing his vulnerability and relatability.

1. "Lucid Dreams"

This heart-wrenching song about heartbreak and loss propelled Juice WRLD to mainstream success and became one of his most recognizable tracks.

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