The 15 Best Rap Songs About Money

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When it comes to the best rap songs about money, there are plenty to pick from. We decided to rank 15 of the best rap songs about money out there. As far as rap music goes, one of the most consistent themes is the pursuit of money. The rags-to-riches narrative has played a central role in the genre since its inception, and countless rappers have detailed their experiences with the almighty dollar. Take a look at our list of the 15 best rap songs about money, and get ready to count stacks and nod your head to these catchy, cash-centric tunes.

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15. "Bands A Make Her Dance" - Juicy J ft. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz (2012)

This strip club anthem by Juicy J features guest verses from Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. "Bands A Make Her Dance" is a catchy, bass-heavy track that showcases the power of money and its ability to command attention.

14. "Richest N**** In the Room" - Gucci Mane (2016)

Gucci Mane's "Richest N**** In the Room" is a triumphant track celebrating the rapper's rise to fame and fortune. With a catchy hook and unapologetic lyrics, this song is sure to motivate you to strive for success.

13. "BMF (Blowin' Money Fast)" - Rick Ross ft. Styles P (2010)

Rick Ross's "BMF" is a high-energy anthem for living the luxurious life. Featuring a standout verse from Styles P, this track is an ode to the excesses that come with being a successful rapper, making it a perfect addition to our list of best rap songs about money.

12. "Bank Account" - 21 Savage (2017)

21 Savage's "Bank Account" is a hypnotic track that highlights the rapper's success and wealth. With its memorable hook and laid-back beat, this song is perfect for anyone looking to celebrate their financial accomplishments.

11. "Money On My Mind" - Lil Wayne (2005)

Another Lil Wayne classic, "Money On My Mind" showcases Weezy's relentless focus on his financial goals. With a gritty beat and raw lyrics, this track serves as a reminder of the rapper's determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

10. "Luv Monëy" - Yeat ft. Lancey Foux (2022)

When Yeat and Lancey linked in 2022 for their collaboration, "Luv Monëy," they made magic with ease. The song discusses their love for money in the most graceful way possible. Their modern approach is the cutting edge per today's standard.

9. "Gold Digger" - Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx (2005)

Kanye West's "Gold Digger" is a cautionary tale about the perils of falling for someone solely interested in your wealth. Featuring a catchy hook from Jamie Foxx, this track remains a favorite among fans and serves as a reminder to be wary of ulterior motives.

8. "Money Maker" - Ludacris ft. Pharrell (2006)

This upbeat collaboration between Ludacris and Pharrell is a feel-good ode to making money. With its infectious melody and catchy lyrics, "Money Maker" is sure to get stuck in your head and inspire you to chase that paper.

7. "I Get Money" - 50 Cent (2007)

As the title suggests, 50 Cent's "I Get Money" is all about his ability to rake in cash. The track's anthemic hook and relentless beat make it an ideal song for those looking to celebrate their own financial success.

6. "A Milli" - Lil Wayne (2008)

One of Lil Wayne's most iconic tracks, "A Milli" showcases the rapper's unparalleled wordplay and flow. The pounding bass and clever lyrics make this a must-listen for anyone looking to get amped up about their financial aspirations.

5. "Money" - Cardi B (2018)

Cardi B's "Money" is an unapologetic ode to her love for the finer things in life. With a hypnotic beat and her signature swagger, Cardi celebrates her financial success and newfound fame in this chart-topping hit.

4. "Money in the Grave" - Drake ft. Rick Ross (2019)

This hard-hitting collaboration between Drake and Rick Ross boasts an aggressive beat and lyrics about accumulating wealth. The song's braggadocious tone and infectious energy make it a perfect addition to any playlist about getting paid.

3. "Money Trees" - Kendrick Lamar ft. Jay Rock (2012)

Kendrick Lamar's "Money Trees" paints a vivid picture of the rapper's upbringing in Compton, California. Featuring a smooth beat and a standout verse from Jay Rock, this track explores the allure of chasing money and the consequences that come with it.

2. "C.R.E.A.M." - Wu-Tang Clan (1993)

Short for "Cash Rules Everything Around Me," this Wu-Tang Clan classic delves into the hardships of growing up in poverty and the group's determination to rise above it. The track's piano-driven beat and powerful lyrics make it an influential anthem for hustlers everywhere.

1. "Mo Money Mo Problems" - The Notorious B.I.G. ft. Puff Daddy and Mase (1997)

This classic track from The Notorious B.I.G.'s sophomore album, Life After Death, features Puff Daddy and Mase rapping about the downsides of fame and fortune. The catchy hook and memorable verses make this song an enduring anthem for anyone who has experienced the double-edged sword of wealth.

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