Answering Musician's Questions on the Monday To Monday Podcast

Chris Ainsworth

On this week's episode of Monday To Monday, we are joined by Mike Boyd Jr and guest host Emily Lorimer to answer questions that our listeners left on our voicemail. Emily and Boyd talk about NFTs, contacting brands and promoters, and even go over a crazy story that a listener had. Be sure to tune in below and give us a call at (314) 649-3074!

Boyd and Emily open up by listening to an artist and listener voicemail asking how to get into the NFTs within the music space. Boyd adds that it's about adding access, value and making it your own. Boyd further explains that as long as you are unique to yourself and add utility, that's what is essential. Following that, Boyd then states that one possible idea would be that an NFT holder can sit in on a studio session. 

Then, Boyd plays a voicemail sent in by a listener named Carly. She wanted to know how she should approach brands and promoters to elevate her career. Boyd even mentions that he recognizes her on Instagram because her fans would often tag her when Boyd is looking for new music and even playlisted her. Boyd then adds when artists want to get involved with brands, it's essential to create authentic connections. 

Boyd then tells the story of how he connected Jeezy and Avión tequila. First, he notes that Jeezy would often reference Avión. This led Boyd to speak with the CEO of Avión and Jeezy's manager for months, trying to coordinate a partnership. Then they got dinner, and Jeezy began to get more involved with the brand. 

Furthermore, Boyd adds that Macklemore once mentioned a Tropicana product. With Boyd knowing this, he contacted his manager and sent his manager a few cases because he genuinely loved the product. Macklemore would then post it on Instagram, which was a win-win for both the agency and the artist. Finally, Boyd makes an important note that if you go hard for the brand, the brand will go hard for you. 

The following voicemail dives again into NFTs, talking about his platform that allows musicians to release their music as an NFT to obtain a small percentage of the master and composition rights. Boyd notes that people want to invest in what people believe in because they will go hard for you and promote you and the NFT more.

Boyd further explains that if an artist released an NFT of an older album ten years ago, it would be worth more today, both intrinsically and subjectively. It is a certificate of authentication that you listened to and supported an artist for years. Finally, Boyd says you don't just stop with revenue, but by adding fabulous experiences with it. For example, Boyd shoots out the idea of bringing a portion of a royalty check hand-delivered to your door by the artist. 

The final question comes from the artist Kosha Dillz, a friend of ONE37pm and the Vaynerverse. Kosha explains how Fat Joe brought him up on stage, performed at the concert, and how he can mint the moment in the NFT space. Boyd notes that the best thing to do is provide a win-win experience for the potential NFT holder. Boyd further explains that it's not about Fat Joe or even music, but rather the grind that he (Kosha) embodies and bringing someone on the journey to teach them the hustle. 

This very insightful episode dives into the world of emerging artists, NFTs, and more, so be sure to tune in! Be sure to shoot us a voicemail if you want your question answered on the next episode! 

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