How Mike Boyd Discovers New Music And Eliminates Bias

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On this week’s episode of Monday To Monday, Mike Boyd Jr answers questions live from viewers on YouTube and Twitter! This episode goes over how Mike Boyd discovers music, how critical self-awareness is in the industry and his favorite artists who are diving into the web3/NFT space. So be sure to tune in for this fun episode of Monday To Monday! 

The episode opens up with Mike Boyd speaking with Emily Lorimer, the guest host, and producer of the podcast. The first question comes from Tyler Walsh, a music editor at ONE37pm who closely works with Mike Boyd. Tyler asks Mike Boyd how he discovers music and what traits he looks for in an artist. 

Boyd goes on to note that submissions are the number one way. He continues to say that he does listen to people that submit. He also notes that he follows DJs, artists, and influencers to see what music they’re playing or using. One significant facet is that he manages producer Richie Souf, a frequent collaborator of artists like Future and Playboi Carti. 

Mike says that trusting your friend’s judgment and intuition is also important. So, if Richie tells Mike to check out an artist, he will but won’t blindly agree. He concludes by saying that he listens to everything, which is essential as he works with various musicians in the industry, spanning from different genres, languages, and countries. Check out the Monday To Monday playlist below to hear some of this diversity! 

Following this question, they bring in Carlos Bryant, an artist from Stockton, California. Boyd notes that he talked to Carlos back on TikTok when Boyd was looking for new music. He pitched him his song “Flowers,” which eventually was added to the Monday To Monday playlist. You can listen to the song below. 

They start by talking about VeeCon and the exciting things coming with it, with Carlos saying he may have to go. Boyd says that Minneapolis will be crazy, as there will be lots of parties and networking events. Carlos then asks about self-awareness when it comes to listening to people and knowing when an artist is dope. 

Boyd says that you always have to remember where people are coming from. For example, when Boyd is told about an emerging artist, he has to take their opinion with a grain of salt because there may be a bias. He then tells the story of a DJ promoting an artist at a club in Atlanta. Boyd was lost because he didn’t understand why it was hot at the time. He eventually asked the DJ, and he responded that his record label paid him to say that. 

The final question comes from an audience member and a member of the ONE37pm team, Novus. He asks who his favorite artists are in the NFT space. Boyd mentions artists such as Blu DeTiger, Lil Polo Tee, Fresco Trey, and Lil Keed are all releasing and collecting NFTs, among other artists. Boyd then hints at a project that he is working on in the NFT space, so be sure to stay tuned in for more information! 

To conclude, Boyd talks about the top three he’s most excited about. This episode is jam-packed with valuable information about what Boyd looks for in music, why you have to follow your own opinions and emerging artists in the NFT space. So be sure to stay up to date with everything Monday To Monday! 

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