12 Movies with Andre 3000 Every Outkast Fan Should See

Movies with Andre 3000 MOBILE II
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If you were to search movies with Andre 3000, you'd probably be surprised with just how much acting he's done. The Outkast frontman has had a storied career in music; everybody knows that. But how familiar are you with his acting portfolio? Let's explore the relatively unknown, and discuss 12 movies with Andre 3000 that every real Outkast fan should see. Without further ado, let's get digging in chronological order.

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12. Hollywood Homicide

11. Be Cool

10. Four Brothers

9. Revolver

8. Idlewild

7. Charlotte's Web

6. Battle in Seattle

5. Semi-Pro

4. Jimi: All Is By My Side

3. High Life

2. Showing Up

1. White Noise

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